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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop Challenging Tiger Woods

I have mentioned before how I feel about Tigers dominance, as well as my complete lack of authority on the subject. So I wont delve to much into that.

However I have a particular need on a related topic. I need Rory Sabatinis muzzle, I mean he has managed to not say anything dumb in what like two months errr weeks. The last time was when he said he was leaving Tigers tournament a day early, in the first real action this season. I didn't post about it then because it isn't really much in my sports world, plus Sabatini makes a fool of himself often enough that it just isn't worth posting about.

Now Ian Poulter has not only managed to poke a sleeping dragon (I really wanted to go sleeping Tiger right there. but it seemed a bit much) when he said that he can challenge Tiger. He actually challenged the rest of the field by saying he is THE ONLY PLAYER capable of challenging of Tiger.

Seriously Ian, borrow Rorys muzzle, lock that thing down tight and don't take it off until myself and every other non-golf fan have heard of you for something other than being a moron. I know Rory definitely needs his muzzle but it seems ha can contain himself to pissing off Tiger. Poulter just can't seem to keep his golfers who hate me club that exclusive, openinng the doors to everyone.

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