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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Memphis GM Chris Wallace Needs a Blog

In response to a story that Chad Ford had, that pretty much consisted of other GM's whining that they did not get Gasol for nothing. The Memphis GM had the following response

Everybody wants to curry favor with the media. They do all this pillow talking
with the Chad Fords of the world. But they won't go on the record. I believe
there's a code we operate under in this business. And you want to be critical,
fine, but go ahead and be on the record. But everyone wants to go and do that
catty gossip like some high school cheerleaders, and that's something I don't
appreciate. It makes doing business a lot harder.

You've got to love a guy who will throw out how he really feels

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Kimbo Slice on Kimmel tonight

According to Kimbo Slice will appear on Kimmel tonight.

For those of you who don't know Kimbo Slice is a fighter with EliteXC(Think UFC but not as "classy"). He will be head lining the companies fight against Tank Abbot this comoing week. Both men are known for there brawling style without any of that pesky thingknown as skill getting in the way. Sounds great.

In what has to be the weirdest contrast in Talk show history. Kimmels other guest will be Dr. Phil. God I hope Oprah's lapdog says something to Kimbo that pisses him off. Tomorrow we'll all be reading posts "I went to the Kimmel taping and a Jerry springer show started right in front of me"

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McNamee Evidence: Chain of custody?? How bout that Miller light can

Brian McNamee's attorneys showed pictures of evidence today. I mean there were some questions on chain of custody. I guess we have those answered.

Apparently what happened was, Clemens had put his needles in a crushed Miller Light can. Then that was placed in a trash can. Apparently McNamee went digging through his friends trash to collect them. Some of the other items that were photographed, Clemens had on him as he was a bout to fly to Houston. He then gave them to McNamee to dispose of.

Sounds totally reasonable, I got through my friends trash all the time. I also frequently take a hold of their drug paraphanelia in the event they forget to empty there pockets of syringes before they take a flight. I know they usually want me to dispose of it but I like to keep it. You know, I am sentimental that way.

When McNamee's attorneys were questioned as to why he hadn't turned this evidence over in the begining stages of the Mitchell investigation, they responded by saying that McNamee had made some "Omissions". Omissions that were necessary in order to keep from "burying Roger Clemens". Everytime I hear something from McNamee and his camp he sounds less credible. Also this pretty much invalidates the claims of Senator Mitchell that we should believe McNamee because he was testifying to stay out of jail. Really if I was trying to stay out of jail I wouldn't be sweating how much damage I did to Roger Clemens' public image.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason roadmap started shortly after the season with the extension of contracts for Head Coach Jon Gruden as well as Bruce Allen. They will continue to be blessed with the presence of Defensive Coordinator Genious Monte Kiffin.

If you saw the first uhhhhh final errrr ONLY post season game the Buccaneers were in this year you know, Ike Hilliard is old. Almost as old as Joey Galloway. Ok, settle down 50-50 bar nation, I am not saying he is done but if the guy who has to carry your receiving core can be removed from the game plan so easily. You need to address that before anything else.

I have mentioned in a few of my offseason breakdowns that I am not to impressed with the early talent at wide receiver in the draft. The Bucs aren't too early with the 20th pick, they could be looking at Mario Manningham(WR-MICH) if he makes it that far or they could go with Malcom Kelly(WR-OKL) who is a little more likely to still be on the board at this point. While Manningham has the higher overall ranking amongst the experts, I like Kelly better. I really think Manningham might be a bust, he cerrtainly has playmaker ability but he is to small of frame. Kelly has him by 4 inches and 40 pounds at 6'4'' 219.

If they are able to answer the receiver question before the draft, they could look to their defensive line needs. While Gaines Adams is certainly developing into the player they hoped for, he could use some support. Monte Kiffin is brilliant but even he can't turn crap into gold.

I love Kentwan Balmer(DT-UNC) but his chances of making it onto a team with Gruden and Kiffin are pretty slim. He has a reputation of not getting all he can out of his ability, based mostly on a perceived lack of effort. Some how I dont see Chucky taking on a guy who isn't willing to hustle. The only way he can make it with the Bucs will be if his interview at the combine convinces the Bucs that Balmer's recent increase in effort will be sustained. The other thing that just might help convince the Bucs is the fact that they would have to reach big time to fill a D-line hole if they aren't willing to take Balmer.

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Brian McNamee Creepily Psychotic or Psychoticly Creepy

Roger Clemens former Trainer Brian McNamee has apparently turned over physical evidence to the justice department. (ESPN)

Apparently he has turned over needles, syringes, and gauze pads. He believes these items will contain traces of both Clemens DNA and Steroids. Through DNA testing they may be able to trace these items to Clemens. So what will happen, do the needles have DNA? Is it Clemens DNA? What about the Chain of Custody? Look I am not doctor or a lawyer. I do have some questions of my own.

Hey McNamee, Captian Creepy.

  • This all happened around 2000. You are telling me you hung on to this nasty used medical equipment for almost a decade. Why? Becuase you were worried about proving it I am sure. So then first 3 years pass and then 5 years pass, you don't think to start cleaning house a little.

  • You happen to have Clemens equipment? If it really is Clemens' this leaves only two possibilities, the very unlikely possibilty that you happened to hang on to the gear of the one guy you would call out and then have refute your claim. OR you have rooms and rooms full of different gear for all the guys you have injected. Since I am not buiying the first one I am disturbed by the warehouse o' bloody gauze you must have stashed.

  • This one isn't just for McNamee it's for congress and baseball, and Balco if they want some. I am TIRED of this. Stop letting the next domino fall. If Roger had that taped conversation(Which was useless) why did it take a week to air it, if Mcnamee had evidence why are we hearing about it now. Get it out and get it over with, and let me get on with my fanhood

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