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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason roadmap started shortly after the season with the extension of contracts for Head Coach Jon Gruden as well as Bruce Allen. They will continue to be blessed with the presence of Defensive Coordinator Genious Monte Kiffin.

If you saw the first uhhhhh final errrr ONLY post season game the Buccaneers were in this year you know, Ike Hilliard is old. Almost as old as Joey Galloway. Ok, settle down 50-50 bar nation, I am not saying he is done but if the guy who has to carry your receiving core can be removed from the game plan so easily. You need to address that before anything else.

I have mentioned in a few of my offseason breakdowns that I am not to impressed with the early talent at wide receiver in the draft. The Bucs aren't too early with the 20th pick, they could be looking at Mario Manningham(WR-MICH) if he makes it that far or they could go with Malcom Kelly(WR-OKL) who is a little more likely to still be on the board at this point. While Manningham has the higher overall ranking amongst the experts, I like Kelly better. I really think Manningham might be a bust, he cerrtainly has playmaker ability but he is to small of frame. Kelly has him by 4 inches and 40 pounds at 6'4'' 219.

If they are able to answer the receiver question before the draft, they could look to their defensive line needs. While Gaines Adams is certainly developing into the player they hoped for, he could use some support. Monte Kiffin is brilliant but even he can't turn crap into gold.

I love Kentwan Balmer(DT-UNC) but his chances of making it onto a team with Gruden and Kiffin are pretty slim. He has a reputation of not getting all he can out of his ability, based mostly on a perceived lack of effort. Some how I dont see Chucky taking on a guy who isn't willing to hustle. The only way he can make it with the Bucs will be if his interview at the combine convinces the Bucs that Balmer's recent increase in effort will be sustained. The other thing that just might help convince the Bucs is the fact that they would have to reach big time to fill a D-line hole if they aren't willing to take Balmer.

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