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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Retires; Like Everything Else, It's the Patriots Fault

It appears as though Brett Favre is retiring for what will likely be the final time. There seems to be no question why he retired. The Moss factor.

I find it less than coincidental that less than 24 hours after Randy Moss's deal to return to the Patriots was announced Favre's decision was made. Favre spent a good portion of last years offseason publicly asking that the Packers make the moves required to bring Moss to Green Bay. Green Bay apparently felt that Moss was not worth the 4th rounder that ended up pulling him out oh Oakland. (Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but that record setting season Moss put up in New England makes that 4th round pick look like a real bargain now.) With Moss leading the Free Agency market this offseason, Favre had to be hoping to see the Packers make the move they were to short sighted to see last season. Instead the Packers missed out on Moss and now, no matter what Aaron Rodgers does, they will miss the legend for years to come.

Though Favre has contemplated retirement during the past few offseasons, this time seems official. With a statement released by Packers GM Ted Thompson

Brett Favre has informed us of his intention to retire from the Green Bay
Packers and the NFL, he has had one of the greatest careers in the history of
the National Football League, and he is able to walk away from the game on his
own terms — not many players are able to do that.

The Brett Favre is the greatest thing since sliced bread comments continued from Thompson, but here at the Opinion that started a month ago with our letter that Brett must have missed. We can surely find some time to heap on more praise.

Favre gave the Packers the rare blessing of long running consistency of his 16 years in Green Bay, crushing the games-started streak and continuing it right up until the end of his career. The end of his career is certainly not the ride off into the sunset that one would dream up for a gritty legend. Favre ended a magical season by throwing an interception in overtime of the NFC Championship game. The teams season was a great one, made even more so by the fact it was unexpected. That interception being the final ball that Favre will wing down the field while scrambling under pressure is a little hard to swallow.

While it lacks the final moment Favre's Career was made up of those. Favre's overall numbers will lead to my kids likely, and their kids surely under appreciating him. But the moments , where he truly shined made up for the bad games and even the bad seasons. His greatness was not only so impressive but so fun to watch it made the hard times a little easier to swallow. (Note: I'm a Vikings fan so while I have enjoyed his magic, his hard times actually went down like bourbon for breakfast. In my world that's GRRRREAAAAT)

One of his finest moments wasn't that long ago. If you didn't have the pleasure of seeing the Monday Night Football game that Favre played against the Raiders mere hours after his father's passing, it was inspiring. He threw for 5 million yards and every thing he put up there was escorted by angels and the almighty himself to the hands of his receivers. Ok that might be a little grander than it actually was but the second most interesting thing in that game was listening to Madden call the game. He went nuclear-Fanboy about Favre. basically describing his play as divine he was gushing so much.

I have to say while the fans will be saddened I think Madden is going to be crushed, unless they get Favre in the booth which just might make his life. The saddest person though will be Frank Caliendo, since the only funny impersonation he does is Madden gushing about Favre.

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