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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Belichick and Pioli Finally Comment On Spygate

The Boston Globe got what would seem like a big scoop. They got Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli to discuss Spygate as well as former Video Assistant Matt Walsh. I am calling Lee Corso(Not so fast me friend) on the scoop.

Belichick answered questions immediately after the ruling by the league. By answered I mean he said about 3 sentences and then said "That's all I have to say about that". Now all of a sudden he's chatty cathy. What Boston Globe reporter Mike Reiss just asked nicely and all of a sudden Darth Sweatshirt is ready to open up. I am not buying it.

This is clearly a preemptive strike against the fact that the NFL and Matt Walsh seem to be getting a little closer to working out a deal. Walsh wants to be protected from any kind of lawsuit. Whether the league will give it because they really want the truth or they end up giving it because Senator Specter and Congress force Roger Goodell's hand, is yet to be seen. But the why they do it isn't nearly as important as the fact it seems likely to happen.

Not only was Belichick trying to downplay the value of information gained from the Spygate tapes when asked about the use of the other teams signals to make halftime adjustments. Belichick said that was "never, never" the case.

He described the impact of the tapes as "minimal" to the Patriots' preparations, rating it a "one" on a scale of 1 to 100.

Belichick also teamed up with Pioli to downplay the role Matt Walsh had within the company, Belichick stated that he "couldn't pick Walsh out of a line up". While Pioli made sure it was clear the Walsh was let go for secretly recording Pioli. Apparently trying to discredit him.

My real question is if you aren't doing anything questionable why do your employees feel the need to secretly record you.

Guest Posting for a Goddess Continues

Gridiron Goddess continues to pack for her big move. So I get to continue to fool around on her blog hile she is away. My post today covers Arlen Specters delusions of being in control
Head over to GridironGoddess and check it out.

Also keep an eye out for my follow up post regarding Belichick and Pioli discussing Spygate.

Green Bay Packers Offseason

The Green Bay Packers Offseason breakdown cont really begin without addressing the 800-pound gorilla in the room. The 250+ start quarterback in the room actually. Brett Favre started this offseason by saying he would make his decision a lot sooner this time. He has yet to make an announcement of his decision so far. Even though I am a huge Vikings fan I have already put in my request that he come back.

Even if Favre retires they have a nice succession plan in place with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers put on a fine display when Favre went out against the Cowboys. Apparently the Bikini Girls were not as impressed I was.
The Packers needs are primarily on defense. While Al Harris and Charles Woodson are a top-5 maybe even a top-3 cornerback duo. I couldn't even have guessed who their backups were prior to researching this post. Add to that the fact that they are 33 and 31 respectively. It becomes clear this is a reall area of need.
They may also have some questions about the line backers. While it would be a stretch to call Brady Poppinga a weak spot. When you put him beside Nick Barnett and AJ Hawk. It will be hard to justify the 4 million dollar cap hit that Poppinga will call for this coming season.
While the Packers could look for a linebacker they are more likely to address the corner back position. Not only because that is a larger need, but also because they may have a chance to get a steal at their #30 spot.
If Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is still on the board at this point, the Packers could be looking at an ideal situation. They could bring on the Rodgers-Cromartie who already has above par athleticism and ball skills, without having to ask him to play right away. This would give him time to fill out physically while the packers coaching staff, as well as Harris and Woodson mentor him on being a more physical corner. An area they both excell at that is a weak spot Rodgers-Cromartie.
While Packers fans wait with anticipation for Favre's decision. They can at least take some comfort int he fact that the future is bright in Green Bay. Between their talent and the fact the rest of their conference looks so weak, it looks bright for a while to come.

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