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Monday, January 21, 2008

Open letter from a Viking fan to Brett Favre

Dear Mr. Favre, (After all we've been through that feels a little formal)
Dear Brett,
I know things have been rocky for us. We've had our ups and downs. Most of the ups yours and most of the downs mine. But hey who doesn't. I am willing to look past all the last second throws, the barely slipping from John Randle's grasp. The tosses barely clearing Orlando Thomas fingers.
But our relationship improved. Everyone said you only thought of yourself but I knew you cared. You gave a little, there were some wins for me to savor as well. I know it was hard for you, I could see it on your face. Their you were watching Moss with jealousy from across the field.
Lately you have been back to your old ways. Everything for you and your boys and nothing to savor on my side. Your friends even went so far as to hurt my new 'mate Adrian .
Let me shout this clearly. I don't care, I want you back. I can't stand the idea of having the NFL without you. Trust me I am risking some serious alienation by my fellow Purple People Eater's.
Again I don't care. I am reasonable, I am not asking for 10 more years, not even 5.
Just give me, give all of us, one more season. To enjoy the magic and the mastery.

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