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Monday, January 14, 2008

Catch up Work

I just moved my blog here to Blogger and I wanted to throw some stuff on here to give people a feel for my writing style.

Written November 28, 2007

College Football Disclaimer: I am a dedicated USC Trojans fan. I have a few thought regarding the college championship system/BCS. I am not knowledgeable enough about the bowl system to tell you what is good and bad about it, but guess what. That's not my job. I am a fan, I want a champion. To those of people who say I feel this way this year because of the fact it is USC's only real shot at a National Championship.Your Right. But it would have been that much more satisfying all those other championship years. Here is a proposal that I love. I have a thought about this. I feel like your Ohio st., and Michigan are the schools that really fear this because they see from their bowl histories, that they are not very successful against teams they don't choose to schedule

Written November 30, 2007

My Minnesota Vikings are the most difficult team to root for, Do you know when the last time they were in the NFL Championship(It is ridiculous that I can’t use Super%(@( right there). Do you know the last time they picked in the top 5 of the draft. It was 1985. I WAS SIX. Seriously I am just tired of having my hopes raised to have them dashed. Two games ago I wrote them off and started rooting for the draft pick we could get. Now all of sudden it looks like we are playing to be someone’s first-round fodder. I am not mad that we lose I am mad we don’t get better. I have 20 years invested I want some improvement. I can’t let a Vikings blurb go with out the following mentions. Thank you John Randle, I curse you Mike Lynn. I really want to dislike Favre, as a Viking fan I should, but I just can’t get over how much of gamer he is.
As long as we are on the topic of sports. I am big Lakers fan, how bout them playing better than expected. I know they are only 8-6 but at this point did you think they would be. Karl went to the d-league today for those of you that care.

I am not a dog lover. It is only fair that I share that up front. What I don't understand is the severity of the punishment Vick is scheduled to receive. I understand that what he did is cruel in ignorant, but let me ask you a question. If you stepped on a bug are you killer. I know many would say that there is a difference between a dog and a bug. OK I will grant you that, but what is the difference. Is it size? Intelligence? Well a possum is bigger than quite a few dogs but you would have no problem exterminating one. Rats are generally considered to be as intelligent as dogs. No problem with those little rat traps right. No realistically the issue here is companionship. People identify with dogs because that is your pal, your running mate. Well I hate to be harsh but that is a you problem. The facts are Vick did horrible things... a dog. Pay a fine, do some work with animals, or even better kids. Maybe even get psychiatric evaluation to make sure this isn't the beginnings of serial killer(animal cruelty seems to be a stepping off point for them). but you are telling me this man is going to jail for up to 5 years. EXCESSIVE.

Evel Knievel Passed away today. I don't have a poignant memory or experience to throw in here. However I have some admiration to pass on. 1) The Man made a huge living out of failing 2)He basically created the marketing of a real person as an image. There were lunch boxes before him-Superman comes to mind. But he was the first actual person to market himself with that kind of branding

Written Decemboer 07, 2007
NFL network
I have already discussed my disappointment with the NFL/TWC giants that are coming together to keep football from me. Now they are getting a little of what I think they deserve. Here is a little break down for you of the NFL network games.
Week 12 Indy vs. Atlanta
Pre-Season hype Manning vs. Vick
Pre-Game hype Harrison might play
Week 13 Packers vs. Cowboys
Pre-Season hype two legendary Franchises
Pre-Game hype Pre NFC championship barometer
Week 14 Bears Vs Skins
Pre-Season hype NFC Champ vs. NFC playoff team on the rise
Pre-Game hype one of these teams might make the playoffs
All right that is what they have had so far. 1 for 3 that’ll get you a contract with Dodgers. It’ll also get you traded from the Texans to the Panthers, where you can now be the third stringer. Bottom line Glanville says it’s NFL as in Not For Long if these are the games they are going to have.
Week 15 Broncos Vs Texans
Ok I have no idea why they even scheduled this game in the first place, it is a bad game now it was just as bad at the time they scheduled it.
Week 15 Bengals vs. Niners
The Palmer and Johnson vs. Alex Smith and Gore match up certainly does not have the current sizzle it did preseason
Week 16 Steelers vs. Rams
We will see who is playing what for the Rams who recently signed a guy out of retirement to plug the holes in the line that seems to be still leaking as Bulger will come back form his concussion this week. Which means he’ll get knocked out soon.
Week 16 Cowboys vs. Carr
That David Carr vs. Romo as young QB’s match up lost a little charm lately as Carr was knocked down to third string
Week 17 Pats vs. Giants
All I can say is I hope and pray that this match up is meaningless after the Steelers put one on them this Sunday
One last note, on the NFL Network. You are the Great and powerful OZ of all professional sports and I have to listen to Bryant Gumble and his nasally voice. Who before Jason Campbell is even off the cart is telling me about the great medical technology and that he should be back soon. In the next breath he is asking where Clinton Portis got his medical Degree after he attempted to comfort Jason Campbell’s mother. The commentating on the game was terrible.

Written December 08, 2007
I hate to disappoint but this is not Gilbert Arenas’ new blog. I am not a professional athlete. I cannot speak to the toil of an eighty-two game season. But I have sprained my finger before. Either LeBron James is very soft, or there is something more severe going on. In either case the situation as it is currently is terrible. You can’t miss like 2 weeks with a sprained finger on your non-shooting hand. Sam Cassel 15 years older and is only missing two weeks with a strained calf muscle. Man up and be the leader you are supposed to be LBJ.

Written December 10, 2007
While much of the world heaps praise on the Patriots; my perception is I could do without them.
While I am sure Troy Hudson loves all that hair he grew while he wasn't playing, my perception is the Juwanna Mann wants that identity back.

While the Nets pray that was a real migraine, my perception is the only headache Kidd had stemmed from the loss column.(Yeah I know this is a flip flop on mypart)

While Craig Sager thinks those suits are a signature item, me and Keving Garnett think they are bit much

While it's your perception todays blog is a little short, my perception is I'm done

Written December 11, 2007

Yao Ming called out his team mates as harshly as a soft spoken chinese giant can. Stating “When you are soft yourself, everything will feel tough,” Yao said. “It’s not because they are so tough. It’s because of how soft we are. “It’s weird that we changed that quick. I never had that feeling. I feel like they traded me to another team, a new team I’ve never been on before.” Ok look if a guy who is constantly injured and regularly pushed around by centers he has outsized calls you soft it is time for a look in the mirror. Especially if you are perennial disappointment , The Houston Rockets.
Shawn Merriman is a sissy, I can't state it any clearer. First off let me say I have spent the last few years, blasting the Minnesota Vikings for drafting Troy Williamson in the 2005 draft which involved them passing on Merriman. I was wrong.(I can't tell you how much I dislike that sentance). Last year he got caught on the juice and suspended four games. Then a few weeks ago against the Lights out dance instructor, Maurice Jones-Drew put on a pancake breakfast. After the firefighters finished thier fundraiser, Merriman claims he was already leaning.

What?!? Backwards? Now at the pinnacle of his whining is him claiming Jeff Fisher ordered his players to go after him and to take him out of the game. He feels this was a result of his hit on Vince Young. Bottomline thier is three hits in question on this play.

Hit1# merriman blindsides vince young after he hands off the ball. This hit was little cheap by Merriman I mean Young had already handed off the ball. But only a little I wouldn't have thought much of it if this had been the end of the issue, but it wasn't.

Hit#2 Merriman gets cracked on. This hit came high and was completely legal.

Hit#3 Merriman gets cracked a second time. Also high and completely legal.

Merrimans complaints are ridiculous for the following reasons. One you are Defensive Football player in the NFL. Man Up stop complaining about it being illegal. Two that is what happens when you are the premier player that you claim to be; players go out of thier way to stop you. Three How did you hurt your knee getting hit up high

Regular readers know of my distate with the patriots. I have had a small back slide after seeing a Matt Light interview on the ESPN show PTI. He is hilarious and he is real. Finally honestly admitting he'd like to go 16-0 and then 19-0. He also mentioned that Anthony Smith was continuing to run his mouth while getting a beatdown in the game. I am baffled by that.

Written December 13, 2007

Today's big event in the sports world was the release of the Mitchell report. I don't know exactly how I feel about this. I love Clemens. This leaves me in a hypocritical position. I despise Bonds, and I have always held against him, the fact that he cheated. I do not all of a sudden despise Roger Clemens. This train of thought has me realizing something else about the Mitchell report. I don't really care. I am admittedly not an enormous baseball fan, so that may be part of it, but basically I just can't get to worked up about all the marginal players listed in the report. I am more amazed by what they were willing to take as evidence.

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are one of the funniest teams on television. They do the commentary around the TNT games on Thursdays. I don't think that either of them would be spectacular on their own but as a duo they are perfect for each other

The Heat need to move on from the Shaq experiment I do not believe he is the type who will walk away gracefully. He will hang on and hang on.

Written Dec 14, 2007

I figured out my issue with the patriots. It isn't even really them, they were terrible for quite a few years and I was actually happy to see there early success a few years back. here is what is. You know that song, you know the one. That one with the catchy beat, and the good hook, you call the station to find out the name of it the first time you hear it. turn the radio up when you hear it again, and you download it when you get home. But then a week later when you have heard it or heard about 50,000 times you just want pull your ear drums out and wrap them around your neck if you have to hear it again. That's my issue with the pats, over coverage.

Petrino tries to say today that the Falcons told him that he could leave for college at any time. I don't buy that, I mean lets look at this. If thats the case why aren't you on a game to game basis where you get paid at the end of each week. You want on contract with the falcons keeping you there but you want to walk away at your convenience. Artur Blank came out saying he was betrayed, that Petrino is a terrible guy Blah blah blah. Dan Reeves(who blank fired midway through the season a few years back) thinks that is a little hypocritical. Falcons players are the only people with a right to complain. Petrino walked away from them and left a note. I am telling you the first time he calls out a tired player during two-a-days at Arkansas he isn't gonna carry as much wieght as say Belotti at oregon who has turned down "better" jobs to stay out his commitment.

Written Dec 15, 2007

So Andy Pettitte decided to take the untraveled road. He came clean today, admitting that he used HGH in 2002. I think he owes a hearty thanks to whatever PR firm he has retained. It carries more weight with me that he was first. I already have a different feeling about him than I do about Clemens. I do believe it is a race to the mike; the second guy will not get as much credit as Pettite did; and the third will get less than the second and so on. That being said I still will give the 83rd guy more credit than I do Bonds who has been steadfast in his denials in the face of a mountain of evidence. Which is just as strong (or weak depending on your opinion) as the facts contained in the mitchell report.

Written Dec 17, 2007

The question was posed to me "What team do you think I should root for?"

OHHH my friend the luxury you are experiencing. Many of us can be broken into 3 different groups. One portion of us were born into our teams geographically, another group inherited them by way of our fathers and brothers and the final third of the majority of us foolishly made snap decisions at such an early age. I don't have to choose actor as a career because I grep up in, I am certainly not going to go with a mullet because my dad has one. You wouldn't ask a ten year old to decide on his life long mate. We take time to decide on these semi-important issues, but on the most important issue of all. Who I am going to hang my every sunday on, who I am I going to invest 6 months of the year in. We make foolish choices. So take your time and choose wisely.

Oh yeah and finally consider one last thing as you choose, do you wanna rock your teams gear when your out. Trust me it is a factor take it from a Vikings fan, even Panther fans in teal shirts are making fun of me

Seriously I am doomed as a fan of Football and Nascar

Funny quote of the day "If you don't like Jon Gruden you don't like Ice Cream"

Written Dec 19, 2007

Gather round kids, I want to tell you a story of a slick looking leader. Who took his young star point guard, a talented starting Shooter, as well as a PF, and SF, a few strong bench players he can occasionally rotate into that starting rotation in order to match up well , and one aging center who is still hanging on to prove he still has it. They had won before they had dominated before but now it was nearing the end. What would become of their final run together, you ask? They had a strong season and made a small push into the playoffs. Nice story right. Well look there is a sequel.
I want to tell you a story of a silver haired leader. Who took his young star point guard, a few talented starters, a few strong bench players he can occasionally rotate into that starting rotation in order to match up well, and one aging center who is still hanging on to prove he still has it. They had won before, in fact they had been champions before but now it was nearing the end. What would become of their final run together, you ask? Lets wait to see.
Riley seems to have infinite patience with aging centers. I do not see him pushing Shaq out, but the time is rapidly nearing when that Lakers trade is looking less and less foolish. Yes the Heat got their Championship and Kobe has yet to see a ring since Shaq left but the whole argument at the time was that Shaq wanted this long deal so he could hang on forever. Well how long is all that weight going to hold Miami down, at least the Lakers are on the up swing, Shaq and his contract still has the Heat moving the wrong direction and I think they are a year from hitting the bottom and that they will spend 2 more years there before they turn it around.

Parcells is on his way back in to the NFL. Last night we started hearing the Parcells to the Falcons rumors. My first thought was he couldn’t bring himself to say T.O., always referring to him as “The Player”, I can’t wait to hear “The Player in Custody” when they ask him about Vick. As of this morning Chris Mortensen is saying that the Dolphins, who Parcells had been previously talking to, have come back with a revised offer. This has halted talks with the Falcons. It is unfortunate that it appears the Falcons will be unable to land someone like him. He would bring that winning culture and attitude. I believe the idea of him not being the coach is a smart decision. His iron handed attitude is not as effective with today’s athlete, So they insulate him one step and that way he is able to bring that standard and expectation to a program without being in the guys face day-to-day. If he ends up going to Miami how long till we get a “Dolphins caught in a Tuna net” line from one of the talking heads.
I heard this Quote as they were discussing Parcells in some kind of GM and Coach Overseer role. “They want you to cook the Dinner they should at least let you shop for some of the groceries” – Bill Parcells. Great line but I’ve got one question. How did they miss that in the Coors Lite fake news conference series of commercials.

Written Dec 20, 2007

The Ron report.
A gentleman that I know named Rick Aston has met and interacted with Curt Schilling on several occasions. He has supplied him with HGH on several occasion, Schilling as you know has pitched through several rough seasons and then made significant improvement. Schilling also has suffered ligament damage, which is known to be a result of use of Performance enhancing drugs. He injected him on several occasions in 2006, and supplied him on several other occasions.

The Preceding is false. I just typed it up out of nowhere. But Curt seems to feel that the fact that something is in a report makes it correct unless, the person being accused can refute it. He has come out blasting Clemens saying if he can’t refute it, that he should relinquish his stats, records, and awards post 1997. How exactly should he refute it? Let’s say it did not happen. How do you prove something did not happen? It is an unreasonable request.
I am not saying that we shouldn’t question Clemens. In my opinion it is extremely likely that he did use. To say that he is guilty though, unless he can come out and prove that he is innocent seems to fly in the face of everything that we as Americans see as right.

Parcells is on his way back in to the NFL. Last night we started hearing the Parcells to the Falcons rumors. My first thought was he couldn’t bring himself to say T.O., always referring to him as “The Player”, I can’t wait to hear “The Player in Custody” when they ask him about Vick. As of this morning Chris Mortensen is saying that the Dolphins, who Parcells had been previously talking to, have come back with a revised offer. This has halted talks with the Falcons. It is unfortunate that it appears the Falcons will be unable to land someone like him. He would bring that winning culture and attitude. I believe the idea of him not being the coach is a smart decision. His iron handed attitude is not as effective with today’s athlete, So they insulate him one step and that way he is able to bring that standard and expectation to a program without being in the guys face day-to-day. If he ends up going to Miami how long till we get a “Dolphins caught in a Tuna net” line from one of the talking heads.

I heard this Quote as they were discussing Parcells in some kind of GM and Coach Overseer role. “They want you to cook the Dinner they should at least let you shop for some of the groceries” – Bill Parcells. Great line but I’ve got one question. How did they miss that in the Coors Lite fake news conference series of commercials.

Written Dec 22, 2007

If I told you sweet little Topanga from “Boy Meets World” was arrested for a drunk driving warrant you might find that hard to believe. However, if I told you that Danielle Fishel was, it some how becomes a lot more believeable. Not to mention more interesting. Talk about all grown up.

Funniest thing I head on TV today was Lou Holtz referring to the Florida State Cheating Scandal as the “Let’s Co-operate to Graduate” program. Hilarious.

Written Dec 24, 2007

Six degrees of Bill Parcells
So the Cowboys love the big splash. Jerry Jones wants nothing more than to see his latest “brilliant” move in a headline. Bill Parcells is a talent evaluator. That is his big draw. He wants more opportunities to get a value better than where he actually drafted. So now that our boy Bill is going to Miami who has clinched the number one pick in the draft (should it be called clinched when it is a negative?). How can you draft a player with a higher value than the draft spot with the number one pick. Answer: You can’t. So Jerry Jones takes a couple picks and maybe one of those guys Bill was smart enough to bring to Dallas. They package that up for Miami’s number one. Now Jones can go get some help for that aging Offensive line in order to protect Anthony Joseph Reali Romo. Maybe a big name like Jake Long. If they opted for McFadden then that package to Miami would probably include Barber. An interesting little Bed Time story.

Written Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning; to me it is all about the joy of giving. I mean the people I care about have given to me all year long. Now it is my turn to give back. So their morning when we awoke everyone came rushing down stairs. I couldn’t wait to see the joy on their faces when they opened the gifts I had gotten them. Little Billy Parcells was going to have some new responsibilities that no one should have to take on alone. So I am giving him a year to work before anyone can judge his decisions. I am giving little Mikie Vick, who used to scramble quick. A get out of jail free card. I will use my omnipotent Santa clause like powers to remove the memories of Tubby Smith from all those who follow UK basketball, I can’t describe the look of joy on little Billy Gillespie’s face. Norvie Turner has gotten coaching jobs before but they never worked they way they were supposed to so this year I got him a playoff win so he can stop hearing how he can’t get it done at the top. Roger Clemens is so hard to buy for; I ended up getting him a nice weight set. He said that was all he needed to get big and strong, but I am not so sure.
I also got OSU coach Mike Gundy a coffee mug. On the front were the words “40 and proud” Of course it is blue because “he’s a man, he’s 40”. Donnie Imus is getting a new producer to go along with his renewed show. This new one will be a little quicker on the dump button. This year I am giving Brett Favre one more year to play and I’ll be honest it’s for him in the same sense that the big screen I got Mrs. Clause is actually for her. I am not sure what to get Dale Earnhardt Jr. I would get him the support he deserves but Hendrick already took care of that. Instead I’ll get the Gibbs racing guys a head start on that Toyota Learning curve. I would give Beckham a little respectability but he already has Posh so I’m not giving him anything. Rory Sabatini received a muzzle, and he doesn’t have a dog. This is for personal use, to keep from sticking his foot shin deep in his mouth. For Bud Selig we have a second chance. You sure you want that Mitchell report. How many million dollars? I haven’t seen one thing change. For Lloyd Carr I have Hawaii, the team he had scheduled until he decided to cancel their visit and add an easier win over Div I-AA Appalachian State I would give Houston Nutt the sweet revenge on Arkansas that he and they, so deserve, but it turns out he is the man who has everything. I think he’ll handle that himself. Scottie Skiles is going to have to take my gift back. I was going to let him out of that black hole of a gig he had in Chicago. Of course Jon Paxson beats me to it and gives him my same present on Christmas Eve
Finally that last person with out a gift turns to me and says “what about me wont you give me a gift” and unfortunately I had to say, “Isiah, Santa does presents not miracles”

Written Dec 28, 2007

Yahoo Buzz released it’s Buzz list that includes the types of instructions most commonly searched for after Christmas. I defiantely understand people wanting assistance with their Bluetooth or their new rice cooker. But if you need to go online to get instructions for Tig welding, you really shouldn’t be using that welder. I am wondering if you need instructions on how to use lego’s how are you even using a computer. I think the biggest question though is, if you are looking up how to make a duct tape wallet, how did you escape from custody.

As a sports fan I love sportscenter. I wonder if Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift were as excited to be shown on sportscenter, attending a Nashville Predators game, as I would have been. I mean I know they are already famous but they are not from a genre that would commonly get them on ESPN. Pickler is dating Jordin Tootoo. Tootoo(which may be the least appropriate hockey name I have ever heard) by the way avoided the Romo curse and posted a nice game with his girl in the stands.

You must have noticed the beard has replaced that nasty square patch that Drew Gooden was sporting last season. Turns out this is the result of an offseason wager between DeShawn Stevenson of the Wizards, as to who would cut first. DeShawn you are wasting your time if Gooden stuck with that weird little ducktail last season what’s a little beard to him. In reality Gooden is probably pleased to now have the freakiest hair on the team, since he previously was second to this. Though let’s be real this is my favorite beard in sports

In the Dec 27th Holiday Bowl the role of Texas coach Mack Brown’s Stepson was played be Steve Bartman. Chris Jesse, Brown’s stepson, was on the sideline for the game. Arizona state made a backwards pass that was mishandled and became loose on the field. At which point this brain surgeon decided to step out about 4 feet on to the field and grab the ball. He says he yanked his hands back and didn’t touch it when he noticed all the 300 POUND GUYS IN PADS RUNNING TOWARD HIM. This resulted in an unsportsmanlike call against Texas and ASU scored on the next play. This ended up being irrelevant as Texas won handily. Also worth noting was the repeated supprt Mack spouted on the air regarding Chris not touching the ball. Commendable of Mack but guess what, I don’t care. Dusty Baker thinks your kid is a little old to be going onto the field of play.

Ok side note here I was looking for video of baker’s kid running on the field but somehow I got this. Ok you shouldn’t laugh but tell me. How can you help your self.

Parker rejoins heat
After around a month of not being part of the Miami Heat. That entire time being filled with rumors he would no longer be a part of the team. All of this stemming from an incident between Parker and a Valet. It now appears that he will be rejoining the heat. My first thought was it is amazing how losing changes your standards(Tank Johnson thinks the Bears, probably should have thought of that). My second thought was if you are turning to Smush Parker for help you are in a bad situation.

Warren Sapp was fined $75,000 for his conduct towards officials in Sunday’s game against the Jags. He received 3 unsportsmanlike penalties in quick succession on one play. Teammate Derrick Burgess was fined $25,000 for his single unsportsmanlike penalty. However neither of these is my favorite penalty handed down by the league from Sunday’s action. No that goes to Jim Quirk. Quirk is the official who pulled Nick Barnett out of the dog pile for the ball in the game against the Chicago bears, and ended up taking him down by the throat. Quirk was quoted in November "If you have to calm or defuse a situation on the field, you try to get it done in a hurry. You do everything you can to keep a game moving ... keep it moving, moving." Ok that quote was actually from an article that focused on him being the consistent factor in quickly officiated games. But still funny when you put it in this context. What makes all this even funnier is that Quirk has a history of man handling players. He also took down Jeff Robinson former St. Louis tight end during an in-game fight during the 99 season. Just don’t Milton Bradley any one Jim

Written Dec 29, 2007

As the patriots go in to their game this weekend, several records are on the line. The primary focus is the 16-0. The next item on the list is the receptions in a season, currently held by Jerry Rice. This has garnered some debate because Rice accomplished this in a strike-shortened season. Giving the pro rice contingent a case saying he only needed 12 games. While the pro moss camp brings up the fact he was going against scrubs. Yeah he had scrubs defending, there were also scrubs trying to get him the ball though so that is kind of a wash. Also if the Pats have to go 16-0 to get the undefeated season, even though Miami only had to go 14. Moss then should get the 16 to accomplish a record, even though Rice only got 12. I just don’t think the scrubs should be held against Rice. It really is irrelevant to me, I believe that eventually Randy Moss will be change the fact that Rice is the only player universally considered the best ever at his position. Moss will at least introduce the idea of a debate. But not yet and not because of this record. I mean ask yourself a question did you KNOW, who had the single season catches record. (I mean if you thought about I am sure you could have guessed, but did you ever think about it) No I am guessing you didn't and still believed that Rice was the best so this shouldn't really matter. YET

**Conspiracy Alert** I know he is old. I know he has played like he has lingering pain. I do however remember a time when Shaquille O’neal, would raise his game to another level whenever he faced a center that was a challenge. When Yao came into the league Shaq got 5 years younger every time he faced the Rockets. For the 5 min Brad Miller was a good center Shaq took it personal. Now Shaq didn’t want to see Dwight Howard. I know he had some pain in his hip. What I am saying is the diminished shots. The diminished rebounds. The diminished over all mobility. These are all signs of concern. But I have officially handed in my Kazam fan club ID card now that I see the loss of heart.

Written Dec 29, 2007

Now this is what the U stands for. Football is a physical sport. Everyone who has been involved in the game knows, things happen in a pile. The weight bearing down on a guy, the extra elbow nudging, the pinching and grabbing, it happens. But Vince Wilfork out of the pile and face up with a guy and you reach inside of his face mask and poke a guy in the eye not only is that just bush league, it's soft. I am not surprised to see a guy from the U get dirty but I am surprised to see him be so weak about it. Then again who’s surprised I mean it isn’t like it’s the first time Wilfork took a weak shot at someone
On the 3rd down play of the first drive of the second half, Brady’s made a heave while he was in the grasp, that came a foot short of Moss coming back to catch it. Did you hear Chris Collinsowrth refer to that as a “sick play”. Is Collinsworth auditioning to announce the X games.
I am not going to lie. I am disappointed I wanted to see the Pats go down. That was a great game though.Congrats to the Patriots.

Written Dec 30, 2007

“Rick, Better have my money,” Says the NCAA as it gets it’s pimp walk on. UCLA announced the hiring of Rick Neuheisel. Neuheisel, who won a 4.7 Million dollar settlement from the NCAA a few years back. You get the feeling there going to be hawking over that program looking to get some revenge. Oh where to start. I guess the only question is does his short-term success fade before or after he finds himself in trouble. More specifically can he win until year three because he’ll be in trouble by then if not before. Let’s say UCLA didn’t have to take into account his moral questionability. Let’s make the assumption they are willing to look past the issues at Colorado that cost them an entire season. He took over a team that was 10-2 and in 1996 his first year he turned out the same record. He then dropped to 5-6 in a season that he eventually forfeited. And in his final season he was 8-4. He then went to Washington where in his first year he was 7-5. He managed to move that up to 11-1 which was his one solid year. He followed that up with 9-4 in 2001. He then duplicated that two game slide by going 7-6 in 2002. The real question here isn’t can you look past his NCAA violations. It should be can you look at his record and still hire him.

Written Dec 30, 2007

Where to begin. I would like to just re-hash something I stated discussing right after the Redskins loss. I titled the following Vikings game is a microcosm of the season.
“So in the beginning there is little to no exciting play and seems like we aren't even involved. Then a little promise but nothing comes of it. This is followed by the appearance we know what we are doing. A small bloom called hope begins to flourish in my heart. What comes next, Disappointment, Despair, etc.”
So what can I say now that the game against the Denver Broncos is over. Nothing I mean I could just retype all that. But really just go back and re-read it if you want, because I don’t think I can bear to rehash it. As far as the actual sequence of the game. On a promising opening drive, Chester Taylor managed to fumble out of the endzone for a touch back, instead of scoring the touchdown he was 3 yards from. That was followed by 3 ½ quarters of ineptitude, which included a safety brought about by a facemask penalty in the endzone. The score at this point is 19-3. Then for 6 minute at the end of the game Tarvaris Jackson was a field general. Leading the team on two long drives and capping each of them with a two-point conversion. (This would be the small bloom section of this tale) Of course fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. In overtime Tarvaris Jackson fumbles the ball and after Denver recovers the ball they go on to win with a Jason Elam field goal. My hopes are crushed again. Why do I continue to believe?

Written Dec 31, 2007

Jennifer Garner is named as 2007 West Virginian of the year, narrowly beating out the 12 other residents of the state.

Written Jan 01, 2007

Rick Neuheisel was introduced today as UCLA's head football coach. He said I only have two rules. 1)We are going to do whatever it takes to win and 2)we are going to have fun. Really, Rick? I mean do you know you are putting this on a tee for people like me. Because Have fun and do whatever it takes sounds a lot like the Master Plan that had you making an early exit from Colorado amidst all the scandal. hey on the upside you are now at a school where you can easily go over to Ben Howland, Head basketball coach, for tips on your bracket this March.
Outside shot
A 7 year old Southern California boy will make a bid to climb Kilimanjaro. Really?, my kid went around our neighborhood twice on his bike this morning. He's pretty excited for when he can cross the street by himself. This poor kid is gonna peak at 7 I mean where do you go from "I scaled Kilimanjaro", well you go down, literally

Written Jan 03, 2007

Did any one else catch Al Carey CEO of Frito-Lay with the intro to the Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl. He is clearly the love child of Jim Carey and Dana Carvey. That must be where he got his sense of humor which is displayed nicely; with this add.

So Randy Mueller’s other shoe just dropped. Cam Cameron is out in Miami. If you believe he is not just a puppet for Bill Parcells, this will go down as his first move. Will it be the beginning of the Fins turn around, or will this be the first move in the process of further muddying Miami’s waters. He was the Director of College and Pro scouting. When he was in Dallas they made moves like bringing in Terell Owens and Tony Romo as well as Drafting Demarcus Ware and Marion Barber. If this kind of Player selection can continue things in Miami may be looking up.

As far as coaching vacancies this leaves the Head Coach spots in Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore. If it were me I’d want to coach the Falcons. I mean hey you can't do worse than the last guy.
I definitely wouldn’t want the Ravens. I would be terrified of the U alliance of Ed Reed/Ray Lewis. I mean I would pretty much hand them the headset on offense because they are obviously running that place

I would like to see Mike Tice in the Dolphins head coaching Job. I think he should get another head coaching job, I like the Miami fit, his biggest issue in Minnesota was the fact he was a players coach, even suiting up for practice on one occasion. However in time this led to discipline and lack of control issues. Specifically the infighting between Moss and Culpepper as well as the Love Boat incident. I believe Parcells presence would offset that and create a nice balance within that Franchise.

Jason Garett is the hot name for a lot of open positions. I think this is a mistake. I know the Cowboys are rolling but I definitely saw some games where I thought the play calling was questionable. Even if we put that aside, The Saints recently went this route with Sean Payton who was the predecessor to Garrett in Dallas. While they had some success in 2006 the failed to make the playoffs this year.

Chris an "extremely cute and funny" eighteen year old is Selling his friendship on Ebay. I am not amazed by his attempt I am impressed by the fact he has gotten a bid. I mean hey his friendship comes with a certificate of authenticity. That sounds stronger than some of the people I have befriended.

For those of you who haven’t seen the hit Darryl Reid put on Chris Henry. I mentioned a few posts back here it is. The funny part is watching Dallas Clarks reaction to that hit after you watch this shot.

Chicago Bears Offseason (Written Jan 12. 2008)

Chicago Bears - No team can be more disappointed with their season than the Chicago
Bears. After a loss in last years Super bowl, the Bears failed to make the playoffs. This continues a seven-year streak of the team losing the Super bowl not making the playoffs the next year. I am sure that company doesn’t make the Bears any happier to join that club.
After a bitter off-season standoff with Lance Briggs, the Bears will lose his services this season as one of the stipulations of his actually opting to play for them in 2007. This, after he had threatened to not play another down for the Bears. The rumor mill has min heading west to join Defensive ROY Patrick Willis in San Francisco. But all that matters to Lovie Smith is that new found hole at Linebacker.
I am all for character, and for standing your ground as a franchise. But that ground became a slippery slope, when they released Tank Johnson. Johnson was stopped for a speeding ticket in Arizona shortly after being released from Jail. He had been sentenced to 120 days for violating probation, in relation to gun charges. His blood was taken because he appeared to be “the slightest bit impaired”, it would come back later as under the legal limit. At that point the Bears had already released him. This is the point where the Bears season began to unravel.
The Bears linebackers are not the biggest core in the league. The success they have had previously had a lot to do with the fact that Johnson was in the middle taking up two blockers. I also think that this has led to trouble on the other side of the ball. With that weak front seven the Bears have gotten behind in several games, which has forced them to be in passing situations more often than they would like. Rex Grossman did not get worse, at least not that much worse than he was. No quarterback though can have success when the other team knows he must pass. Between Grossman not being able to pass successfully and fewer opportunities to play ball control and run the clock out. The running game suffered as well.
I believe that their two largest needs are at qb (yes I know I just said that Grossman didn’t get that much worse, but he wasn’t that good to start with) and a run-stuffing interior D lineman. To replace Johnson. They also have some need at WR with fan favorite Muhsin Muhammed, entering free agency.
The Bears would love to get Andre Woodson at the 14th spot. With Brian Brohm and Matt Ryan going to the Falcons and Ravens, this is very likely. I do however have a hunch that Carolina may take Woodson on, as a project considering what a wheel of misfortune their QB spot was this season. If they can’t get a QB they could consider reaching a few spots for Malcolm Kelly, though I don’t think it would be smart to reach for your third position. It would be ideal if Sedrick Ellis dropped to this spot but that is about 5 spots deeper than the 9 he is being projected right now. If the Bears could trade to get Miami’s pick it would be great to get Dorsey to shore up that D line. They also could trade to deeper spot in the first round to get D line help but there really isn’t much help where they are at in the draft.

Tomorrows team - Carolina Panthers

Outside Shot
Ok when you say, “I’m a true fan” I think we should change it to “I ‘m a 200K fan”I mean it gives new meaning to “never let em question your fanhood”

Detroit Lions Offseason (written Jan 06, 2008)

Detroit Lions – I am not a mind reader; nor can I tell the future. I am however going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. There will be no10 win guarantee from the Motor City this coming off season. The first thing they need to do is dump Matt Millen. I mean really how many horrible decisions do you get to make before you’re done. I definitely understand firing Mike Martz, he just couldn’t seem to make his offensive schemes match the talent he had at hand and that is no one’s fault but his own. However that is a complete wash as a move, sure it doesn’t make you worse to get rid of him, but it doesn’t make you better.
The Lions are in real trouble I mean as I review the segments of their team the best looking segment is quarterback John Kitna. Yeah, I know the best potential is at WR but I have yet to see that potential deliver. So with those two the offense is just a pinch closer than the defense. So let’s address the offense first.
Step one go to the draft for offensive lineman. Let’s be honest George Foster isn’t exactly fostering hope. Ryan Clady (OT-Boise St.) will very likely not drop this far but he should be their first choice, the next best option on the board will be Jeff Otah(OT-Pittsburgh), who has a lot of upside but is still very raw. Considering the Lions do not have a skilled Offensive Line to surround him with in a mentoring role I think they would be smart to consider Sam Baker(OT-USC) who is a much more polished product.
The second step in the offensive solution is to go get Brian Billick to be the offensive coordinator. Their isn’t a strong tie between Billick and Marinelli but they do have a tenuous tie. Marinelli is part of the Tony Dungy coaching tree(which is rapidly growing) while Billick and Dungy made their names as Offensive and Defensive Coordinators under Denny Green in Minnesota.
The Lions D is not really strong but the only glaring weakness is at cornerback. In an extremely Matt Millen move, they sent Dre Bly to Denver for Tatum Bell and George Foster. (Look I can’t say this clearly enough. DO NOT trade with Denver for any aspect of their line or running back field. It is there system, it has been shown again and again, even Clinton Portis who is inarguably a Pro Bowl back isn’t as good now as he was in Denver.) We already know the Foster part didn’t work and by the end of the season Bell was hardly seeing any carries, so essentially they gave up a premier corner for little to nothing(I swear this’ll be the last time I mention that Matt Millen must go). So perhaps as they are looking to draft Offensive lineman they should look to bring in a few CB if that is the best player on the board. The one thing I will say they have going for their Defensive growth is that is Marinelli’s real skill area. While he was in Tampa Bay as Defensive coordinator they dominated that side of the ball, They led the nfl in sacks during the time he was there.
Overall it will be a slow growing process across the board. The key though is that they do keep growing. They can’t afford to take the continued small steps backward that Millen’s leadership forces.(ok I needed one more shot at him).
Tomorrows team – Chicago Bears

Outside shot
Did any one else hear Madden heart breaking??
In the middle of a key drive Heath Miller tipped a ball that went to Hines ward, to which Madden replied “you know those tipped balls seem to happen here” referring to the AFC divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Madden’s Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 23, 1972 where Franco Harris caught a tipped ball off his shoes that knocked the Raiders out of the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals Offseason

Arizona Cardinals - will find themselves in unfamiliar territory come draft day this year. Outside the top 10, for the first time in the last 5 years. I am sure they are happy to lose that early pick with the improvements the team made under first year coach Ken Wisenhunt. Had they not suffered as many injuries and nicks at WR they might have done even better.
The Draft needs analysis for the Cardinals is a good news/bad news situation. The unfortunate bad news is that they have quite a few areas of need. The good news is pretty good though, they don’t have a lot of need anywhere, and they don’t have needs at the skill positions that are so hard to predict who will be a success in the NFL. QB is obviously covered between Matt Lienart and Kurt Warner. WR is set with Boldin and Fitzgerald, they also have a strong 3rd in Bryant Johnson but he did so well this year filling in for Boldin and Fitzgerald that he will probably be getting a starting job somewhere else this year.
Even if the Cardinals were willing to slap the franchise tag on him (which they probably wouldn’t do, as he is not on that level yet) they can’t since it seems they may end up using it on Karlos Dansby who along with Calvin Pace made for a solid line backing core. While both are free agents and are currently negotiating, things are moving forward much faster with pace.
In the defensive backfield they are a little thin with the starting spots well covered but no back ups. Malcolm Jenkins and Mike Jenkins (no relation) are the top corners that will be available at this point, which is a more likely draft than safety due to the teams’ interest in moving Antrell Rolle inside to safety. I personally think Mike Jenkins is the better of the two however he played his college ball at a smaller school (USF), which leads to questions about the competition he faced. The Cardinals are a team on the bubble of making the playoffs, not a place to start taking risky picks in the hopes that you might make a big splash. Just go with the safe bet.

Outside Shots

Isaiah Thomas
Maybe you did bump the official, maybe you didn’t. "Isaiah, you know the league has no love for you so why give them the opportunity". I am shocked they did not hammer him. I have to give credit to Commissioner David Stern (and you are not going to hear me give Stern credit often) for not just unloading on him, which you know he must have been tempted to do.

Slick Rick
Michigan Stars Ryan Mallet (transfer), Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrignton (NFL) - They are all gone, but really I mean these are the guys that led your season that you had last year so don't be to upset Michigan Fan. My only real issue with this is the fact that Rodriquez was pushing them out the door before they had even decided anything. I also don't like the way Rodriguez is fighting the 4 mil penalty. If Rodriguez doesn’t start making the decision to handle things with a little class, he might find he isn’t as welcome on some of those living room couches where he has to convince some protective momma to trust her son to him. That concern aside, he is a good coach, if he can upgrade WVU the way he did think what he can do with Michigan’s recruiting base

Minnesota Vikings Offseason

Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have not had a prolific receiver since losing Moss. In addition to their obvious needs at WR they need to shore up their secondary. The Vikings had the best rush defense in the league but even with that forcing the opposing quarterback to throw they managed to be the dead last passing offense. This is a very shallow draft for wide receivers. Malcolm Kelly and Desean Jackson are the only ones that I see as first round worthy. Kelly may be gone by the time the Vikings make their pick, however I think Jackson could still be available at this point. I also think that Jackson will actually end up being the best receiver in this class. If both of them are gone by this point, I think they should look at getting trading down to get Aqib Talib or Leodis Mckelvin towards the end of the draft as well as getting a possible third round pick. The possibility exists that Mike Jenkins of South Florida would be available at this point but I think it is very risky taking a guy who didn’t really play a lot of big time competition in the first round. I can’t let the draft pass without thinking of the past. Mike Lynn definitely hurt the team with the Herschel Walker deal, which I like to refer to as the original Ricky Williams deal. I also think of the good years the Randy Moss at #21. As I looked back I came across Korey Stringers name. Just a nod to the man and his family.

Outside Shot
Malik Rose pretty much made my week.
When asked about Isiah Thomas saying "the Knicks are not that far from a championship"
Malik dropped tthese gems
"We don’t have what it would take to win a championship." - Thanks Captain Obvious
"There are things in San Antonio that are different than in New York" - Really are you the only thing that isn't different??
"We have some weird personalities on this team" - That one has to be the understatement of the

Houston Texans Offseason

Houston Texans – I have a huge issue with people who are so quick to spout their
opinion, especially a negative opinion. Then when it turns out they are wrong, they are never around to man up about it. I am not that guy. I was a vocal critic of the Mario Williams draft choice. I was wrong. Very, Very, wrong. Reggie Bush isn’t what he was in college(I am an SC fan that is as close as I am getting to saying he’s a bust) Vince Young is decent, and he is a better passer than most people are giving him credit for. Those two aside Mario Williams was the right pick.
The Texans suffered a series of injuries through out the year. No one ever wants to go through all the trouble that Houston did but there is an upside. Between Sage Rosenfels and Matt Schaub along with Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, and Darius Walker, they have found reliable back ups to go along with their starters. The only potential problem facing Gary Kubiak is that with any kind of difficulty on Matt Schaub’s part a QB controversy could arise. Not the worst problem to have. At WR they have Super receiver Andre Johnson who injury got as well. He was replaced nicely by Andre Davis who turned in excellent work as a return man as well towards the end of the season. I do think they responded well to those injuries this year and you can’t help but acknowledge the job Gary Kubiak did with this team.
With the Mario Williams anchored front line their defense has shown very well this year. The injury bug did get them on this side of the ball as well, hitting Dunta Robinson mid season. There secondary still held their own through out the year.
With their skill positions and their defense looking like all they need is to stay off the trainers table. Their real gaping hole is at the left tackle position. They should look at Ryan Clady (OT-Boise St.) who should drop this far and should be their first choice.
With that hole sealed up and consistent QB play the only thing left will be dodging a bullet on the injury front. If that happens the future for this team looks great. They are my sleeper for 2008.

Next team - My Minnesota Vikings

Philidelhia Eagles Offseason

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles 2007 season is now over. Having ended up with a 8-8 record, they just missed the playoffs. The bridge from 2006 to 2007 was awkward from the moment Roger Goodell walked to the stadium and uttered the words “With the 36th pick the Philadelphia Eagles select Kevin Kolb, Quarterback from the University of Houston”. In any other city this would have cause a small ripple, the actual Quarterback controversy would have taken at least half a season of bad play or at least a quarter season worth of games missed to injury. Not in Philly, the city that boo’d Santa Clause. No they were questioning McNabb’s Job before that rehabbed knee saw it’s first real snap. The questions now continue, McNabb is under contract through 2010. They almost have to extend him for a year or two. Kolb may very well be the QB of the future but that isn’t this year and probably won’t be next. Sign McNabb up for those extra few years. Keep him on to lead the team and mentor Kolb. Of course McNabb could push for a trade, but why? I mean I can only see two real reasons why he would leave. He could leave to chase a championship or he could leave to go for the long extension. Possible openings include Atlanta, Baltimore, Minnesota, and the Bears. Atlanta just isn’t anywhere near pushing for a ring. Baltimore would have right up until Billick got the axe now it is unlikely with their assortment of problems and a new coach trying to fix them that they are real contenders. Minnesota is a consideration but them seem to feel Tarvaris Jackson is a viable starter in the NFL. That leaves us the Bears who actually fit both the Championship hunt requirement as well as the likelihood that they would give him a long contract. They do not have a Quarterback of the future waiting in the wings. The only problem with the Bears scenario is that he would definitely be looking at giving a home town discount. Chicago is one of the franchises that is a little tight with the purse strings. I would not consider this out of the question he seems to be a lot more hung up on being wanted than on more tangible issues.
The entire Eagles defense is pretty well locked up, all the starters are under contract, and only a few non-key reserves are up for free agency, all of whom are expendable. Most notable of the expendables is Jevon Kearse who you shouldn’t expect to see in Eagles green next season.
On the offensive side there is some concern with their tight end LJ Smith, he is currently up for free agency, if they are unable or unwilling(if the competing offers in a shallow TE market, get to high) to re-sign him they have a possible solution at hand in rookie Brent Celek. While obviously this would be an initial downgrade it is not as if Smith set the world on fir especially in the Red Zone.
The main concern, as it has been other than the cup of coffee shared with Terell Owens is the primary receiver spot. For the majority of recent memory the Eagles have carried 2nd or 3rd tier receivers but no real primary game breaker target. They will have to address this in the draft Where they will likely be looking at Desean Jackson, Early Doucet, Malcom Kelly, Limas Sweed. (Note:I like them in this order I think Doucet and Kelly are a toss up)

Next update - Houston Texans