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Monday, January 14, 2008

Chicago Bears Offseason (Written Jan 12. 2008)

Chicago Bears - No team can be more disappointed with their season than the Chicago
Bears. After a loss in last years Super bowl, the Bears failed to make the playoffs. This continues a seven-year streak of the team losing the Super bowl not making the playoffs the next year. I am sure that company doesn’t make the Bears any happier to join that club.
After a bitter off-season standoff with Lance Briggs, the Bears will lose his services this season as one of the stipulations of his actually opting to play for them in 2007. This, after he had threatened to not play another down for the Bears. The rumor mill has min heading west to join Defensive ROY Patrick Willis in San Francisco. But all that matters to Lovie Smith is that new found hole at Linebacker.
I am all for character, and for standing your ground as a franchise. But that ground became a slippery slope, when they released Tank Johnson. Johnson was stopped for a speeding ticket in Arizona shortly after being released from Jail. He had been sentenced to 120 days for violating probation, in relation to gun charges. His blood was taken because he appeared to be “the slightest bit impaired”, it would come back later as under the legal limit. At that point the Bears had already released him. This is the point where the Bears season began to unravel.
The Bears linebackers are not the biggest core in the league. The success they have had previously had a lot to do with the fact that Johnson was in the middle taking up two blockers. I also think that this has led to trouble on the other side of the ball. With that weak front seven the Bears have gotten behind in several games, which has forced them to be in passing situations more often than they would like. Rex Grossman did not get worse, at least not that much worse than he was. No quarterback though can have success when the other team knows he must pass. Between Grossman not being able to pass successfully and fewer opportunities to play ball control and run the clock out. The running game suffered as well.
I believe that their two largest needs are at qb (yes I know I just said that Grossman didn’t get that much worse, but he wasn’t that good to start with) and a run-stuffing interior D lineman. To replace Johnson. They also have some need at WR with fan favorite Muhsin Muhammed, entering free agency.
The Bears would love to get Andre Woodson at the 14th spot. With Brian Brohm and Matt Ryan going to the Falcons and Ravens, this is very likely. I do however have a hunch that Carolina may take Woodson on, as a project considering what a wheel of misfortune their QB spot was this season. If they can’t get a QB they could consider reaching a few spots for Malcolm Kelly, though I don’t think it would be smart to reach for your third position. It would be ideal if Sedrick Ellis dropped to this spot but that is about 5 spots deeper than the 9 he is being projected right now. If the Bears could trade to get Miami’s pick it would be great to get Dorsey to shore up that D line. They also could trade to deeper spot in the first round to get D line help but there really isn’t much help where they are at in the draft.

Tomorrows team - Carolina Panthers

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