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Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Win the Best Superbowl I've seen

In the best Superbowl I have seen, the Giants stepped up and silenced the doubters. If you think they weren't on a mission to do just that. Consider the words of Michael Strahan, who as he lofted the Lombardi trophy on the acceptance stage. He took time to mention that some announcer said the Giants had gained false confidence in the game against the Patriots that closed the regular season. He the screamed out that it was real confidence they had gained.

Eli Manning may never have to listen to a stupid comment about his leadership again. If he does happen to hear one, there will be plenty of people speaking up for him before he ever has to. He was every quarterback you needed him to be. He was Trent Dilfer as he made smart decisions with the football. I was very impressed by his willingness to audible into the run even though it never really broke big yardage, he stuck to what worked for them all year. He made good throws, even the one ball that was intercepted, which was certainly not a good throw. That was a safe throw down and away from the defense Steve Smith just had the misfortune to set it right into the defenders arms. Eli then showed me a little Brett Favre with even more of his growth by not letting that interception effect his play for the remainder of the game. He then pulled out his John Elway by leading them down on a game winning drive. He even squeezed a little Tony Romo into that final drive on the play where he was surely about to suffered game changing sack. He instead wriggled out of it and hucked it to David Tyree who managed to catch the ball by pinning it to his helmet. He closed out the game by pulling the Tom Brady and winning it all. Oh, and the final QB on the every qb list, big brother Peyton. He managed to impersonate him by winning the MVP.

While we pile the appreciation on to Eli Manning for the victory. Let's not be so quick to pile on Tom Brady for the loss. From the very first play of the game Brady was being knocked down, when he wasn't being sacked. He had suffered 6 knockdowns an 3 sacks by the time Tom Petty took the stage at halftime. While the numbers looked a little better in the second half, without real protection and time to throw, Brady couldn't be expected to do much better than he did. This game might actually not have been as close as it ended up had Sam Madison not fallen down covering Moss in the endzone.

For the last 6 weeks people have mocked Mercury Morris and his "don't call me when your on your way, don't call me when you're in my town, call me when you're on my block" quote. I guess the last laugh is Moriss', turns out he knew what none of us did. The Dolphins undefeated season lives in a gated community.

In the closing moments of the game I lost whatever little bit of respect I had grown for Belichick when he went all Detriot Pistons and went to the locker before the game was even over. When the Giants had finally run off that final second. Pam Oliver was the first interview on, with Plaxico Burress who held it together for a minute and then promptly started tearing up which got me looking for the can of Milwaukee's best light to drop from the sky and solve that problem.
Speaking of Plaxico Buress and his interviews. I wonder if Brady is scoffing now about the prediction they would hold them to 17. Plaxico did show his defense some love by calling for "someone to please give our defense some credit" as soon as Pam Oliver stuck the microphone to him.

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1 comment:

Christopher_39 said...

Great synopsis. I agree with what you said and regardless of what some of the pundits say, This WAS THE BEST SUPERBOWL!