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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

The Chairman of one of the 397 soccer leagues I don't care about wants to let unruly, scottish soccer fans drink before durng and after games, adding Let's Superman this riot(SportsbyBrooks)

As Coach K's wife let the officials now that they were wrong, and they were. Coach K pulled out his 800th win(Fanhouse)
Mike Krzyzewski: 799 wins
Coach K's wife:1 Win

Brady Quinn thinks he has a shot to start; applies the same logic that helped him think Notre Dame was a contender(Fanhouse)

George Karl is not amused by, he plans to start in retaliation(Rocky Mountain News)

Matt Millen: "If I was sitting at home and I was a Lion fan, you've got to blame somebody" - I think the problem is that you're not a Lions fan, your moves over the last few years have made it clear that you Love Green Bay, Wish Chicago the best and plan on retiring to Minnesota the moment the Ford family pulls it's head out and fires you(Fanhouse)