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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

First off a little update; as you may have noticed the posting has been a little light over the last few days. I had a fellow writer take on a little more project than he could handle and I am assisting him. Before you think that sounds to kind of me, know that I am robbing him blind to help him. Back to the part of this that you care about I'll be slowly working my way back to a reasonable amount of posts as her and I get this little project done.

Rick Hendrick; Kind of a big deal(Fanhouse)

MCBias of Moderately Cerebral Bias is moving from his independant blog to join another. I am not surprised by the interest he writes well and is certainly unique, but I wonder what blog has a niche that he'll fit in.(MC Bias)

NSFW after the fold I bet nobody thought we would be wishing for that wholesome Bob Knight era to return to Indiana(Don Chavez via With Leather)

Who ya gonna call?: Honestly, if you really can get rid of ghosts, you might wanna bump your fees up from 20 bucks an hour(Yahoo)

I'm not sure which is funnier David Ortiz's butt shaped chin strap or all that meat jammed into a dixie cup(Deadspin)

I'm just guessing here but I doubt that the guy who base jumped off of the Empire state building is shaking in his aerodynamic suit(leotard?) at the thought of facing charges(Yahoo)

I don't particularly like the Sawkxs or the Yanks but I do like the rivalry. So stop trying to ruin it; or I hate Hank Steinbrenner more every second that his mounth is open(Fanhouse)

I think getting Sam Cassell was a good move, but Rajon Rondo is making it look less than necessary(Fanhouse)