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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daniel "East Coast Al Davis" Snyder

It's time for this weeks edition of who is crazier than Al Davis. This week we will look at Daniel Snyder.

Snyder is the owner of the Wasington Redskins.Snyder has been hunting for a new coach since Joe Gibbs retirement just days after the teams season ended with a loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs. The initial hot favorite was Greg Williams who was the Redskins defensive coordinator under Gibbs.

Snyder has had Williams in for four seperate interviews. Also interviewing Jim Fassel, and Jim Mora.

Now out of nowhere they have hired an offensive coordinator in Jim Zorn, they have also promoted Gregg Blache tolead the defense. This conicided with the firing of Al Saunders and Gregg Williams.

Hey it's his team right, he can hire and fire whoever he want. But he made these two guys the highest paid assistants over the last few years, now he isn't even willing to keep either of them on the staff. Another thing I love is how he keeps selling the continuity from the Gibbs era. So what, he is going to ram a bunch of underling staff members on a new coach and not let him hire his own coordinators. Sounds like a plan.

Since he bought that team I have felt that he made some of the worst decisions an owner has ever made. Cough::Steve Spurrier::Cough. Gibbs had turned things around and even had helpes you make better player decisions. As much as I have blasted him I have always thought hey at least he is spending money, he is trying. Now this move just screams of saving money.

Can't wait to see what you do with that top 5 pick next year Dan, cause that's where you are headed

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This Just In: Vince WIlfork might be a little dirty

Vince Wilfork was fined for the fourth time this season. This time it was for a face mask penalty that occured against the Chargers. I understand that the Patriots are going out of their way to crush people in order to erase the cheating scandal. Wilfork on the other hand is a one man wrecking crew of the Patriots cleaned up image. On the bright side I mean at least this time he didn't take out a knee or blatantly jab a guy in the eye. I already posted about the incident with the eye gouging

Now this is what the U stands
. Football is a physical sport. Everyone who has been involved in the
game knows, things happen in a pile. The weight bearing down on a guy, the extra
elbow nudging, the pinching and grabbing, it happens. But Vince Wilfork out of
the pile and face up with a guy and you reach inside of his face mask and poke a
guy in the eye not only is that just bush league, it's soft. I am not surprised
to see a guy from the U get dirty but I am surprised to see him be so weak about
it. Then again who’s surprised I mean it isn’t like it’s the first time Wilfork took a weak shot at someone

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Atlanta Falcons Offseason

The Atlanta Falcons will probably be the easiest review I do this offseason. They need a quarterback, and with thier number coming so early in the draft they will have their choice of the signal callers coming out this year. The scariest thing about this is that I believe they will take Brian Brohm(QB-L'Ville). I just don't think Brohm will end up being a starter in the NFL. I think Matt Ryan(QB-BC) will be a leader and a presence in the huddle. One huge thing in Ryan's favor, or more acurately. One thing going against Brohm is that you have to assume Bobby Petrino was singing Brohms praises for that whole 5 minutes he spent in Atlanta. I don't know this first hand but I am guessing that Petrino's opinion is about as valuable as Michael Vick's right about now.

The coaching situstion was recently settled with the hire of Jags Gopher to Jack del Rio defensive coordinator, Mike Smith. I am not sure about this hire. I like it from the media perception. I mean after the parade of candidates turning Arthur Blank down, all the high profile "Hot" hiring prospects were gone. At that point I think you can't go with a regular off the coaching carousel. By going with a guy like Smith they either make out like genuises or we all get what we are expecting and it's no harm no foul. I do have some doubt, beyond the fact he has no real name in the NFL. Several of his former players have said that Jack del Rio actually ran the defense. They also mentioned that he didn't always get along with players. I can't wait to see how him and always vocal, DeAngelo Hall mix with eachother.

In the later rounds the Falcons will need to address a line to protect their new QB. Between the injury to Wayne Gandy, which will likely lead to his retirment or ineffectiveness, and the fact that left tackle is not nearly as strong in free agency as left guard this year. They will likely go with a strong left tacke in the second round.

The Falcons need to be realistic, it isn't going to be pretty in the Georgia Dome anytime soon. A real bright spot is wide receiver with Joe Horn there as a clutch player, and even more so as a mentor. Along with the youth and talent of Roddy White, who I think could develop into a premier guy.

The running back situation isn't as strong as wide receiver, but I really think it could be. If the Falcons will just commit to Jerious Norwood I think he will develop along with the teams overall development and be ready to be a feature back as the team grows into contention. THis is actually a possibilty, while Mike Smith is defensive guy I am sure he noticed the run-first strategy in Jacksonville. He may be likely to copy that.

ESPN's Around The Horn

For those of you who watch Around The Horn -

Is it me or have you noticed the Jay Mariotti has begun recently just blatantly sucking up to Tony Reali for points. I know that Tim Cowlishaw has always had this shtick of scoreboard watching, but that is what it is shtick. Mariotti actually is whining for points and throws in as many suck up to Reali compliments and blatant reaches of movie references to get points.

For those of you that fon't watch - Get a hold of your life

Since it is semi related here's a little extra post

JA Adande dropped the following gem regarding the fact that Jose Canseco telling all about steroids may have actually helped baseball

"Just because you're right, does not mean you're righteous"

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Wanted to put out a welcome to Americandles the newest advertiser here at Just One Man's Opinion.

I actually asked for this ad. I am certainly not a productivity expert (my wife can confirm that repeatedly if you'd like. She certainly tells me repeatedly). In the interest of helping my readers out though I thought I could give you guys an easy way tha you could get a little something for Valentines Day.

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San Diego Super... Heroes?

This is just getting out of hand. I love a good story, as much as the next guy. I just can't stand playing Topper. You know Topper, you and your friends are talking about this or that. You tell a story about how you once a had a threesome with two friends who were on vacation (and by tell I mean make up). One of your buddies can't let that go without mentioning(fabricating) the fact he once had a threesome and they were twins. Bam, there you go Topper. Someone always has to spice thing up to the next level.

It seems the Chargers are now developing a home game version of Topper with San Diego licensing.

First Antonio Gates goes down with a Toe injury, but he toughs it out and plays.

Then Philip Rivers has surgery to get his knee in a postion to play a week later.

Now news comes that Nate Kaeding played with a Broken leg.

I am actually glad the Chargers missed the Superbowl, otherwise we would be anticipating a story about Shawn Merriman being deceased but deciding to go ahead and give it a go anyway.

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