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Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Just In: Vince WIlfork might be a little dirty

Vince Wilfork was fined for the fourth time this season. This time it was for a face mask penalty that occured against the Chargers. I understand that the Patriots are going out of their way to crush people in order to erase the cheating scandal. Wilfork on the other hand is a one man wrecking crew of the Patriots cleaned up image. On the bright side I mean at least this time he didn't take out a knee or blatantly jab a guy in the eye. I already posted about the incident with the eye gouging

Now this is what the U stands
. Football is a physical sport. Everyone who has been involved in the
game knows, things happen in a pile. The weight bearing down on a guy, the extra
elbow nudging, the pinching and grabbing, it happens. But Vince Wilfork out of
the pile and face up with a guy and you reach inside of his face mask and poke a
guy in the eye not only is that just bush league, it's soft. I am not surprised
to see a guy from the U get dirty but I am surprised to see him be so weak about
it. Then again who’s surprised I mean it isn’t like it’s the first time Wilfork took a weak shot at someone

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Anonymous said...

Still say their a bunch of cheaters!!!!!! God i hope the jints get the win!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Dean said...

Yeah I still have my issues with 'em and I am pulling for the giants. But Belichicks dry humor is starting to grow on me