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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daniel "East Coast Al Davis" Snyder

It's time for this weeks edition of who is crazier than Al Davis. This week we will look at Daniel Snyder.

Snyder is the owner of the Wasington Redskins.Snyder has been hunting for a new coach since Joe Gibbs retirement just days after the teams season ended with a loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs. The initial hot favorite was Greg Williams who was the Redskins defensive coordinator under Gibbs.

Snyder has had Williams in for four seperate interviews. Also interviewing Jim Fassel, and Jim Mora.

Now out of nowhere they have hired an offensive coordinator in Jim Zorn, they have also promoted Gregg Blache tolead the defense. This conicided with the firing of Al Saunders and Gregg Williams.

Hey it's his team right, he can hire and fire whoever he want. But he made these two guys the highest paid assistants over the last few years, now he isn't even willing to keep either of them on the staff. Another thing I love is how he keeps selling the continuity from the Gibbs era. So what, he is going to ram a bunch of underling staff members on a new coach and not let him hire his own coordinators. Sounds like a plan.

Since he bought that team I have felt that he made some of the worst decisions an owner has ever made. Cough::Steve Spurrier::Cough. Gibbs had turned things around and even had helpes you make better player decisions. As much as I have blasted him I have always thought hey at least he is spending money, he is trying. Now this move just screams of saving money.

Can't wait to see what you do with that top 5 pick next year Dan, cause that's where you are headed

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