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Friday, February 8, 2008

Being a Narc Get's Rewarded

Today was sentencing day for Kirk Radomski. Roadmoski is the former mets clubhouse attendant who is seen is the main distribution point for the steroids that we have all come to know(and be brutally bored by) from the Mitchell report. He supplied some of the steroids Roger Clemens is alleged to have used. No word yet on if he is tied to that miller lite can, I'll let you know as soon as I read the transcripts from court.

So Radomski's got his sentance today and it was a big fat goose egg, zero, nothing. That's right kids roll over on your friends, tell all, if you can, save the evidence. Because while Marion Jones got 6 months for her use and lying about it. Dana Stubblefield who plead guily recently is expected to get a similar sentance. While BarryBonds sentance could go even longer than that.

Guys like Radomski and Brian McNamee are now being rewarded for giving up the names and places of famous people. I understand that some people get a lighter sentance by way of giving up the bigger fish, but that isn't the case here. This is a matter of the bigger fish, the dealer, giving up the user. This is only happening because the users in this case are famous.

I just hate everything about this whole trend. More than anything I hate the fact it continues to get drawn out. I am right now hearing that McNamee injected Clemens wife. Is there some reason McNamee can't just tell us everything at once. It just seems more and more like PR to save himself every time the next little bit leaks out.

Shaq is Pledging a Championship... Riiiight

ESPN is reporting that Shaq is pledging to bring a championship to the Suns. This gem came amongst several hilarious quotes from the human soundbyte machine.

"I'm very upset," he said Thursday at his introduction news conference. "You just don't really want to get me upset. When I'm upset, I'm known to do certain things -- like win championships." Yeah big fella thats true but you also used to be somewhat mobile and extremely dominate. But as Miami can attest to, Things Change.

"...I think with my experience and my on the court-off the court leadership, I can help them get over the hump." Yeah they have experience(Grant Hill), they have leadership(Steve Nash), they do also now have a hump(that'd be you Shaq)

"The last couple of years I was in a system that we really didn't run, so you automatically think I can't run," he said. "But I love to run, especially if I'm playing with a great guy like Steve Nash. I look forward to making people eat their words, I really do." I just want to be clear, it was the system in Miami that made you slow and immobile. I can't wait to follow up on this quote when the suns play again. Oh wait Shaq is weeks from playing again.

Washington Redskins Offseason

The 2008 Offseason for the Washington Redskins has already been action filled. Maybe it has been inaction filled. The 'Skins are the only team holding more interviews than the Falcons were, and at least in Washington's case you get the impression that they aren't really good fits for either side. Unlike Atlanta where you got the impression no one wanted that job.

So far we have heard the names Pete Carroll, Steve Mariuchi, Greg Williams, Al Saunders, Steve Spagnolo, Jim Mora jr., and Jim Fassel. Of all those options the only one that is really still out there is Fassel. I think the time has come for owner, Daniel Snyder, to realize that Joe Gibbs isn't coming back through that door. While I think Snyder needs a guy like Gibbs who's opinion comes with enough experience that he has to listen to it. A coach of that caliber isn't out there and if they are they don't have the emotional ties to the Redskins that Gibbs had, so they aren't about to deal with Snyder's lunacy. I don't really like Fassell but Snyder wont go with the Mike Tomlin, Mike McCarthy type guy, he needs a name in order to stroke his ego. So there you are Jim Fassell next coach of the mediocre 'Skins(trust me they will be mediocre under Fassell)

The most unfortunate thing about Snyder not opting to hand things over to Greg Williams or even the dark horse transition candidate Al Saunders. Is that they will lose a lot if not all of the emotional momentum that they had coming out of last season. It is hard to rally around as a team when the majority of your leadership was not around for the events that brought you together.

An area that needs to be addressed less for it's on the field importance and more to solidify the salary cap questions that the Redskins are facing will be quarterback. Jason Campbell is the man under center in the future. As nice a story as Todd Collins was at the end of the season, no one really believes he is going to supplant Campbell. He is however a free agent and is either going to demand a higher price than the 'Skins can really pay with their cap troubles or he may just say "I've shown what I can do" and leave to get a starting gig or at least a shot at one somewhere else. The third string QB in name and mentor in reality was Mark Brunell. He is a drain on the cap and is also old. That age was a prerequisite for a backup in Joe Gibbs mind but is likely going to be seen as huge negative by the next guy running the ship.

While the 'Skins defense was pretty reliable across the board, they were playing as an inspired unit. They were also being led by Greg Williams, both of those factors are gone next year. I will be interested to see how they do. They are in need at Defensive End but it isn't a must go first round type need.

On the otherside of the ball though, the questions start. They have spent big on some names and are solid in the #1wr spot with Santana Moss, but once you get past him and possibly Antwan Randle-el as a #2 the drop in ability is huge. Not only are Reche Caldwell and Keenan Mccardell probably not the best #3's they are likely gone anyway.

If they are looking for wideout they could be looking at Mario Manningham(WR-MICH) if he makes it that far or they could go with Malcom Kelly(WR-OKL) who is a little more likely to still be on the board at this point. While Manningham has the higher overall ranking amongst the experts, I like Kelly better. I really think Manningham might be a bust, he cerrtainly has playmaker ability but he is to small of frame. Kelly has him by 4 inches and 40 pounds at 6'4'' 219.

The biggest reason they might not end up going with a WR is that those two are going to get lots of attention from Philadelphia and Tampa Bay who are 19 and 20 to Washingtons #21(wierd coincidence that they end up with Sean Taylor's number in the draft) If those two WR are gone the 'Skins should look at the guy Tampa was debating over, Kentwan Balmer(DT-UNC). Balmer may get passed by the Bucs because Gruden isn't likely to pick up a guy who has had questions about putting in the work to live up to his potential. Daniel Snyder on the other hand is always willing to take a risk.

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