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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mark Cuban Courting Clippers #1 Fan

For those of you who don't see Clipper games, (that would be just about everyone not on the team). There is a Clipper fan, Clipper Darrell AKA Darrell Bailey who wears a half blue and half red jacket with a whole Clippers color scheme in his clothing. He goes out of his way to get the fans involved and cheering at the right times. He also is very loyal he is working a 280+ streak of home games. He creates such a stir in the stadium that he came to Mark Cubans attention in a game against the Mavericks.

Now he has met with the Mav's marketing department about the possibility of performing the same duties in Dallas. He would all of a sudden be paid to do the task he has done out of passion in the past.

There are really quite a few ways to look at this and I can't really nail down even what my own opinion is. So you're getting all of em.

Mark Cuban: Once again this Maverick (Ahhh I am hilarious) of sports franchise ownership, has siezed on a brilliant opportunity. I am not a real big Mavs fan, but you have to acknowledge what their owner brings to the table.

Clipper Darrell: This is where my feelings start to get torn. I mean is your fanhood for sale. You probably can't say because I doubt anyone has ever offered you a job to switch your fanhood. The simple fact that his fanhood was at such a level that someone is basically offering him money for it, puts him beyond being questioned in my book.

Donald Sterling: Now here is the real goat in all this. Where is Sterling, why not step in and give the guy a position similar to what Cuban has proposed. You know he would do it cheaper in the city he currently resides, for the team he really loves. Instead of stepping up though in typical Sterling fashion, he is sitting back with his lips sealed tight and his purse string even tighter

Annual Jason Kidd To A Contender Story

So it is that time of year again. As the trade deadline approaches it's time for the trade me to a contender story out of Jason Kidd in New Jersey.

Looks like that migraine earlier in the season might require a little more than a couple Advil. Looks like it might just require a change of scenery.

The real difference in this years story is the fact that it might actually happen. The Nets are not a contending team in the East. Kidd has two years left on his contract. A period of time which coincides with the teams rumored plans to go to Brooklyn. So figure Kidd wont be a part of the Brooklyn team. He is bound to leave. The team would be better suited to get what they can and then build towards a good start in their new arena. I like him going to Cleveland but they would have to pretty much mortgage thier future, but because they don't have much to offer in the way of current players.

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Help Rudy Gay win the Dunk Contest

Rudy Gay is asking for your help. So break out that 8 foot rim and show him what you've got.

I like this clip and this clip if he could pull it off

Jerry Jones don't let Cleveland Browns Out Smart You

Alright Jerry, that trade you made last year didn't turn out to be as sweet as you thought it would be.

When you gave up your pick last year for the Browns’ 2nd round pick in 2007 (#36) and their first round pick in 2008. You know you weren't thinking that pick would be #22. So you already lost a little on your investment. Let's try and get as much as we can for it.

If you can't get the value you expected in draft selection, let's get that value in life lessons. Look at the Browns. They have the guy they took with that pick they got from you last year, Brady Quinn. They also stumbled on a gem in Derek Anderson, but they have the good sense to keep both, this is the NFL you know.

Do you really want to let Marion Barber and a few draft picks out the door to Miami to get the #1 pick for one guy. Don't let that Razorback alumni blood of yours get so hot you can't think clearly. Let's look at the success rate of the two major trades for big time running backs.

The Saints traded away every pick they had in one year in order to get Ricky Williams, but hey at least they got a Superbowl out of it. Oh wait nope they never really got a return on thier investment.

You might actually remember the other trade considering you sent away Herschell Walker and in turn got several Superbowl rings, errr I mean you got several picks and players. Some of those picks shored up your defense but the key pick got you Emmit Smith. The Vikings on the other hand have yet to celebrate a Superbowl.

Don't let the Cleveland Browns pull smarter offseason moves than the Cowboys

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Bulls Owner Clarifies?? Scott Skiles Firing

Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf clarifies his statements regarding the firing of head coach Scott Skiles.

Reinsdorfs was recently interviewed by WGN-TV where he stated "Something didn't mesh right this year, Scott came to us eventually and said, 'I think the team needs a new voice.' ... Scott realized that he wasn't getting through to them. It was time to do something else."

ESPN is reporting that Reinsdorf claims that he regrets his choice of words and wanted to clarify saying ""I can't believe I was so sloppy with my words. Scott did an excellent job here."

What exactly were you sloppy about, the team stinks he knew it, the inmates are clearly running the asylum over there and he wanted out. Don't let a rare breath of fresh air called honesty be overpowered by the stink of you back peddling (quite poorly I might add).

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Update: Who's Picking The Giants

Ok so I have two new additions to the list o'people picking the Giants to win the Superbowl

Shockingly the less interesting pick is Jon Stewart. With the more intersting pick title going to this guy errrr fella uhhh one

This Brings the list to
Jon Stewart - Host of The A Daily Show
The Camel - Popcorn Park Zoo
Fran Tarkenton - Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback on the Mike and Mike show.
Dr. Z -
Sean King - ESPN Analyst on First Take
Mike Weiss - Forum Guest on Jim Rome is Burning

I'll keep updating this as the week progresses.

Who do you think will win the Big game

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Ways to Enjoy Super Week

List of ways to enjoy the overhype all week long

I Want To Hate Him But He Is Growing On Me

I Want To Hate Him But He Is Growing On Me

I have spent the time prior to this year with no real feeling on Bill Belichick. I mean he was a good coach but not for my team so not to big a blip on my radar. Since the begining of this year though, his profile his risen (maybe fallen would be a better word). Between the Spygate scandal, his chippy attitude about it, and the fact he was punishing the other teams for even questioning him. I really wanted to hate him, and I succeeded through out most of the year.

Things have changed, he is getting funnier and funnier over the past few weks. Partially I think it is him opening up alittle and partially I think it is the fact that as you get to know someone with that sense of humor(extremely dry, like say oh I don't know-Arizona Desert dry) it takes a bit to pick up on it.

Tha latest installment of humor was good, with him somewhat tounge in cheek about the media clamoring over Tom Brady and his ankle. Him giving them a little ribbing about there desire for the Injury Report and how excited he was to give it.

The real topper came this morning when I heard a recap of his comments shortly after landing in Arizona, to begin preparing for sundays big game. He was questioned about the fact he seemed bothered by the media and thier constant clamoring for information. I expected to hear how he fired off about how it just got in the way of the game. That wasn't even close. He first started by acknowledging that they had a job to do and what they interpereted as him being bothered was just him doing his job as well. He also acknowledged the usefulness of the media as a conduit to the fans.

I think interesting thing, is the part that goes unspoken here. The media has constantly been at odds with him buthe hasn't felt that way about he media so maybe they are the ons who need to do some re-evaluating. So here is my part of that re -evaluation.

Bill Belichick. I am sorry for a lot of the shots I fired.

Let's not get carried away though, I am still pulling for the Giants.

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