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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mark Cuban Courting Clippers #1 Fan

For those of you who don't see Clipper games, (that would be just about everyone not on the team). There is a Clipper fan, Clipper Darrell AKA Darrell Bailey who wears a half blue and half red jacket with a whole Clippers color scheme in his clothing. He goes out of his way to get the fans involved and cheering at the right times. He also is very loyal he is working a 280+ streak of home games. He creates such a stir in the stadium that he came to Mark Cubans attention in a game against the Mavericks.

Now he has met with the Mav's marketing department about the possibility of performing the same duties in Dallas. He would all of a sudden be paid to do the task he has done out of passion in the past.

There are really quite a few ways to look at this and I can't really nail down even what my own opinion is. So you're getting all of em.

Mark Cuban: Once again this Maverick (Ahhh I am hilarious) of sports franchise ownership, has siezed on a brilliant opportunity. I am not a real big Mavs fan, but you have to acknowledge what their owner brings to the table.

Clipper Darrell: This is where my feelings start to get torn. I mean is your fanhood for sale. You probably can't say because I doubt anyone has ever offered you a job to switch your fanhood. The simple fact that his fanhood was at such a level that someone is basically offering him money for it, puts him beyond being questioned in my book.

Donald Sterling: Now here is the real goat in all this. Where is Sterling, why not step in and give the guy a position similar to what Cuban has proposed. You know he would do it cheaper in the city he currently resides, for the team he really loves. Instead of stepping up though in typical Sterling fashion, he is sitting back with his lips sealed tight and his purse string even tighter

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Anonymous said...

Can someone please inform RC Buford and Pop that I am available and willing.