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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Want To Hate Him But He Is Growing On Me

I Want To Hate Him But He Is Growing On Me

I have spent the time prior to this year with no real feeling on Bill Belichick. I mean he was a good coach but not for my team so not to big a blip on my radar. Since the begining of this year though, his profile his risen (maybe fallen would be a better word). Between the Spygate scandal, his chippy attitude about it, and the fact he was punishing the other teams for even questioning him. I really wanted to hate him, and I succeeded through out most of the year.

Things have changed, he is getting funnier and funnier over the past few weks. Partially I think it is him opening up alittle and partially I think it is the fact that as you get to know someone with that sense of humor(extremely dry, like say oh I don't know-Arizona Desert dry) it takes a bit to pick up on it.

Tha latest installment of humor was good, with him somewhat tounge in cheek about the media clamoring over Tom Brady and his ankle. Him giving them a little ribbing about there desire for the Injury Report and how excited he was to give it.

The real topper came this morning when I heard a recap of his comments shortly after landing in Arizona, to begin preparing for sundays big game. He was questioned about the fact he seemed bothered by the media and thier constant clamoring for information. I expected to hear how he fired off about how it just got in the way of the game. That wasn't even close. He first started by acknowledging that they had a job to do and what they interpereted as him being bothered was just him doing his job as well. He also acknowledged the usefulness of the media as a conduit to the fans.

I think interesting thing, is the part that goes unspoken here. The media has constantly been at odds with him buthe hasn't felt that way about he media so maybe they are the ons who need to do some re-evaluating. So here is my part of that re -evaluation.

Bill Belichick. I am sorry for a lot of the shots I fired.

Let's not get carried away though, I am still pulling for the Giants.

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Anonymous said...

The man is a great coach, But i cant stand cheaters!!!! Especially dumb cheaters that get caught :) And i too agree with you.

Ron Dean said...

I agre with you, you don't get punished for cheating you get punished for getting caught