Want To Tell Me How Wrong I am

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It comes in 3's

It's a silly little phrase. Most reasonable people know that it is just a saying and not a fact. But like all the adages we surround ourselves with, they seem to come from some where. Early this morning I found myself mocking the numerous people on Twitter who we're noting the passing of Farrah Fawcett by asking "who's next?". Her passing along with that of Ed Mcmahon earlier this week gave us two of the three we have come to expect in a group.

As 1 o'clock rolled around Twitter started to buzz with the news of Michael Jackson's hospitalization; quickly followed by news of his passing. As realization set in that I had been a little hasty mocking the "comes in three's" adage I decided I'd call around and let a few people know about his passing.

I am not an ardent supporter of Jacksons music. I liked Thriller and Beat It. If you grew up in the '80's there is no way you didn't like those two. I felt something with his passing, but it was no more powerful than it would be had I found out anyone that I know of had passed. What little his music did for me had been negated long ago by his actions and choices in his personal life. I mean let's face it, dude was WEIRD.

I called my sister more to see if she knew than out of any need to wax longingly about Michael. Once I told her what had happened she immediately called bull. After a little back and forth and few different swears she made me go through she finally bought it. Her next question though was nice for this avid twitterer. "how do you know already when it's not even on my news page?" I answered her with smug satisfaction "I'm on Twitter" WIN