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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saints and Chargers to London in 2008

So it appears we now know who will have the unfortunate luck pleasure of playing in 2008. According to ESPN the Saints and the Chargers will face off in London during this coming season. If you missed my rant about international play in the NFL you can check it out here.

In addition to my numerous problems I stated there I have developed a new one. In the interest of parity, why not have the Raiders and the Chargers or even the Broncos or Cardinals. Just pick any two teams that are at least reasonably geographically close. Traveling around the world isn't enough they needed to add an extra two timezones for the Chargers.

As far as the Saints side of things are you trying to tell me there is a huge clamoring in europe for the New Orleans Saints, somehow I doubt it. I mean there isn't even a clamoring for the Saints in New Orleans.

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What to do with your not so super Sunday

So it is a football free not so super sunday. What to do? Don't worry I got you.

To Do list here

Who is picking the Giants

Ok so I have been keeping a running tab of who is picking the Giants. So far we've got

Fran Tarkenton - Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback on the Mike and Mike show.
Dr. Z -
Sean King - ESPN Analyst on First Take
Mike Weiss - Forum Guest on Jim Rome is Burning

I'll keep updating this as the week progresses.

Who do you think will win the Big game

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Heat or the Dolphins Who ya got?

So the Heat finally pulled out of a 15 game slide, by defeating the Indiana Pacers in a close one. The coincidence of the losing streak hitting 15 begs the question.

Which is worse Dolphins 1-15 season or the Heats 15 game losing streak?

My initial reaction was to go Dolphins being worse. I mean the heat lost 15 games out of 82 that isn't nearly as bad as the Dolphins losing all but one of thier games. Right?

After I started looking at the two teams I think I would take the Dolphins scenario. I mean why sit here and figure out which season is worse. Neither are going to the playoffs this year so at that point there is no worse , there isonly didn't get the job done. Now the Dolphins have the number one pick in the draft a new core of executives and a new head coach. A head coach who said in his introductory press conference that he didn't care about what came before he only cared about now.

The heat on the other hand have almost exactly the opposite situation. They have a Coach/GM in Pat Riley who has another year on his deal and he will fulfill that obligation at least upstairs if not courtside as well. The player situation doesn't look much better. They have another year of ridiculously over paying Shaq and they have only that same year to convince Dwayne Wade to stay.

No after giving it some thought, I got the Dolphins.