Want To Tell Me How Wrong I am

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why are you asking ME what's cool

A freind of mine, Bud, was recently visiting from Chicago. In order to really grasp this story you have to understand that he is one of those people that is constantly on the move; both mentally and phyically. There is always somthing to be gleaned from every person, environment, and situation.
Just before we left for the airport Bud up and decides he's getting on Twitter. I'd basically given up on talking him into it a while ago. Our discussions basically centered around the fact that I thought Twitter was AWESOME, and might even be more useful than it is a time-vacuum. He couldn't see any productive use for it. (This from a guy who plays scrabble on facebook through his iphone).
With only a standard image up on Twitter, I started pimping @budwierenga5 with a tweet before we headed off to LAX. On our way Bud says half-jokingly "well I guess now that everyone is on Twitter I will get on too" without much thought the words "At this point, I wouldn't have bothered, it'll be something besides Twitter in 6 months"
This banter suddenly became a legitmate discussion of Twitter's groundswell into mainstream. I have been on Twitter since January 2007. Not nearly early enough to count as in from the begining but certainy early enough to count as ahead of the curve. That being said I couldn't answer his simple question as to how Twitter suddenly became this moment's hammer-pants.

I have no idea why so many people use it, I have a hard time quantifying why I use it. But one thing I know for sure I am way to G33K to be deciding what's cool and what isn't.

So; Why do you use Twitter? How did you find it? If you have been on it for a while are you enjoying the influx of new blood or do you find it cumbersome?