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Saturday, February 9, 2008

NASCAR: Disclaimer Post

So I know there are lots of you out there who don't enjoy NASCAR. First off you're wrong, about all of it. But that's not the point.

I'll begin the title of each NASCAR post, with a secret code. The word NASCAR. If you can't use this tool to keep from reading about a sport you are not interested in then you deserve everything you get.

NASCAR: What A Way To Start

The NASCAR season semi-officially started with the Budweiser Shootout. This is not actually an official race, there are not points handed out and it doesn't count for much really. Except for Bragging rights, which had the guys running and bumping all night long.

In a race that had 17 lead changes with 8 different leaders. The excitement was present from the backside of the 10 minute break that came after the first 20 laps. When the final 50 were run we finally got to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. get a win he has been chasing since his last trip to the winner circle almost a year and half ago.

Probably more satisfying than the win in terms of breaking that losing streak was the fact that this is his first race with Hendrick motorsports. He joined the Hendrick team after leaving DEI, the comapny that his father started, at the end of last season. While many members of Junior Nation were hesitant to accept the move to Hendrick, which has been "the enemy" for so long. The sudden move to the winners circle, along with the fact that he wouldn't have beaten out Tony Stewart to get there without the push from Hendrick teammate Jimmie Johnson. I imagine even the most hesitant fan to convert is out buying the green T-shirt of Junior's new sponsor, Amp'd energy drink, right about now.

Speaking of Stewart, I had in the past spouted off about how Joe Gibbs racing would see a year possibly two year lull in their success. With their move to Toyota at the end of last season. I just saw them having the same type of learning curve that the other Toyota teams experienced throughout 2007. I WAS WRONG. Tony Stewart, with out much push from teammates or even other Toyota drivers, managed to put up a strong second place finish.

Looks like it should be a great year. Can't wait for next weeks Daytona 500

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All of A Sudden I like Womens Basketball

According to SportsbyBrooks former fresno womens basketball coach Stacy Johnson-Klein Won some money, then had some taken away. Then got posted on SportsbyBrooks and changed my entire outlook on Womens Sports. If you really care what happened head over to SportsbyBrooks and check out Signal to Noise who is filling in today and has made my basically sports-lite Saturday a little more entertaining.
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Larry Legend Shows That Small Town Politeness

Accoding to Indy Cornrows Pacers GM, Larry Bird, went on 1070 The Fan and dropped the following gem of kindness.

The direction we're going, we don't have any interest in Zach, even though I like him as a person, he's a good player but that's not the direction we want to go. We've talked to every team in the league just to see what's going on out there. You know, we played the other night, Jermaine and Isiah are good friends and that's how all that stuff got started.

Larry when you say not the direction we want to go. Are you referring to not wanting to be wieghed DOWN, in the standings or did you mean more along the lines of not wanting to expand OUTWARD like Randolphs evergrowing waistline.

Larry went ahead and finished this one off with this gem Jermaine and Isiah are good friends and that's how all that stuff started Translation: Just because Isiah is willing to give ridiculous contracts to all of his friends does not mean I am about to take on the wieght around the neck that is Zach Randolph.

Also I can't let a Randolph related article go without passing on this glimpse into the mind of the biggest disappointment in the eastern conference. When asked about his upcoming return to Portland earlier this season. Randolph showed how much he worries about what the fans think

I get booed at home in New York, I am not worried about getting booed in portland

I really don't ever want to agree with Isiah but I'd have to call that a lack of heart

Stephon Marbury Surgically removed from the Knicks.

Now that the doctors for the New York Knicks, have removed the chippyness that is Stephon Marbury from their team. I wonder if they will send him out for biopsy. Lord knows he coudl have been a cancer.

If they could just figure out a way to make the Eddy Curryitis go down. That particular affliction is making all the Knicks heads swell to the point that Isiah Thomas will make statements like "we are a playoff team".

Next they could address that bloated Zach Randolph feeling. Since that feeling seems to be holding them back. Well that and the Heartectomy that the entire team seems to have gone through.

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Dallas Cowboys Offseason

The Dallas Cowboys offseason road is going to be key to Wade Phillips job. If he doesn't manage to improve on the one and done playoff appearance he amde this year following the same scenario last season for Parcells. He is likely to be the next Marty Schottenheimer, getting canned even after making the playoffs.

The fact that Jason Garrett is now the highest paid assistant in the league and the de facto coach in waiting. That can't have Wade Phillips sitting back pondering his long-term career at the helm of the Cowboys. He knows he doesn't have to backslide at all , simply by not making any forward progress he will be out the door. Jerry Jones is certainly not one of the owners known for his patience with losing.

The Cowboys really need to address one main proble on the offensive side of the ball. For the last 4 weeks that they played they couldn't get in the endzone. Part of this stems from the fact that Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett, went away from the run. Between the fact that teams were able to put their focus on Romo and the Cowboys offensive line was not as strong as years past. Romo constantly found himself running the duck-and-chuck offense. While regular standout Flozell Adams will still be keeping the left side locked down for the 'boys. The right side could use some shoring up.

The Cowboys first pick comes by way of Cleveland as part of the deal that the Browns made to draft Brady Quinn. You have to figure that the Cowboys expected better than 22nd pick from them. Never the less that is where they stand. I think they would be wise to go with Brandon Albert(OG-Virg) while he is a natural Gaurd he has shown the ability to play tackle as well and that flexibility should suit the Cowboys questionable offensive line needs.

On the defensive side of the ball, they reala rea of need is in the defensive backfield. While Terrance Newman managed to make the pro-bowl, all that did was make me less impressed with the pro-bowl, not more impressed with Newman. Like him or not, he is staying. The real concern (or blessing) is that Jacque Reeves is a free agent. He was beaten early and often so don't expect much effort to keep him. The Cowboys could look to Aqib Talib(CB-Ka) who though not the fastest 40 time guy in the class. He has shown the athleticism and football speed needed to be a shutdown corner.

With the Cowboys having two picks so close in the first round. A little strategy comes in to play if both of these guys make it this deep in the draft. While Talib is certainly the better player of these two, if they take him and pass on Albert. Albert will most surely be taken by the Steelers at the next pick. I think the Cowboys would be better suited to take Albert at 22 and hope that Talib makes it the 6 picks to their second selection at 28. Even if Talib is gone there are several talented players at positions they could use. Wide receiver, defensive back, even runningback, if Marion Barber who is a restricted free agent is no longer a Cowboy by draft day.

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