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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Offseason

The Dallas Cowboys offseason road is going to be key to Wade Phillips job. If he doesn't manage to improve on the one and done playoff appearance he amde this year following the same scenario last season for Parcells. He is likely to be the next Marty Schottenheimer, getting canned even after making the playoffs.

The fact that Jason Garrett is now the highest paid assistant in the league and the de facto coach in waiting. That can't have Wade Phillips sitting back pondering his long-term career at the helm of the Cowboys. He knows he doesn't have to backslide at all , simply by not making any forward progress he will be out the door. Jerry Jones is certainly not one of the owners known for his patience with losing.

The Cowboys really need to address one main proble on the offensive side of the ball. For the last 4 weeks that they played they couldn't get in the endzone. Part of this stems from the fact that Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett, went away from the run. Between the fact that teams were able to put their focus on Romo and the Cowboys offensive line was not as strong as years past. Romo constantly found himself running the duck-and-chuck offense. While regular standout Flozell Adams will still be keeping the left side locked down for the 'boys. The right side could use some shoring up.

The Cowboys first pick comes by way of Cleveland as part of the deal that the Browns made to draft Brady Quinn. You have to figure that the Cowboys expected better than 22nd pick from them. Never the less that is where they stand. I think they would be wise to go with Brandon Albert(OG-Virg) while he is a natural Gaurd he has shown the ability to play tackle as well and that flexibility should suit the Cowboys questionable offensive line needs.

On the defensive side of the ball, they reala rea of need is in the defensive backfield. While Terrance Newman managed to make the pro-bowl, all that did was make me less impressed with the pro-bowl, not more impressed with Newman. Like him or not, he is staying. The real concern (or blessing) is that Jacque Reeves is a free agent. He was beaten early and often so don't expect much effort to keep him. The Cowboys could look to Aqib Talib(CB-Ka) who though not the fastest 40 time guy in the class. He has shown the athleticism and football speed needed to be a shutdown corner.

With the Cowboys having two picks so close in the first round. A little strategy comes in to play if both of these guys make it this deep in the draft. While Talib is certainly the better player of these two, if they take him and pass on Albert. Albert will most surely be taken by the Steelers at the next pick. I think the Cowboys would be better suited to take Albert at 22 and hope that Talib makes it the 6 picks to their second selection at 28. Even if Talib is gone there are several talented players at positions they could use. Wide receiver, defensive back, even runningback, if Marion Barber who is a restricted free agent is no longer a Cowboy by draft day.

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