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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chris Webber is that the Lakers Calling

I just finished watching the Lakers game. It was unbearable. Mid-way through the third Kwame Brown over shot on a dunk (how do you miss a dunk, you are a proffesional basketball player, at leat that is what Mitch Kupchack claims) the crowd got on him with some boos but that was a warm welcom compared to the escalation as he turned the ball over on the next three trips down the floor.
Somebody get Chris Webber on the phone. The Lakers have no true center. Bynum suffered a knee injury sunday night that will have him out for 8 weeks. Mihm out for the rest of his life with the fact he is a giant, un-gainly, white guy.

C'mon everybody is doin' it

“Hurry, Hurry get in line.” The Chin Shouted. “I am first” Bobby yelled , to which Bill responded “you’re the one causing the line.” As Jason runs up shouting, “what’s this line for” “oh, were all lining up to reject the Falcons”, “we’re here to cut and run”, “we’re teasing Mr. Blank” the others say over each other
That’s right today Jason Garrett became the fourth major prospect to walk away from the Falcons. All of a sudden Bobby Petrino is looking good for sticking out the half season he managed to show up for. With Bill Cowher as well as Bill Parcells leading the no thanks parade going through Falcons owner Arthur Blanks office. As I mentioned I think this is the right move for Garrett. Now all of a sudden he got a raise to 3 million a year. No longer is it a good decision; it is great. He now makes more than half the head coaches in the league. You can pretty much assume that he is waiting in the wings for the head coaching, job. All around smart move.

Why Boxings record breaking fight is bad news

The Rumor mill is grinding out some boxing news. It seems as though Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De la Hoya are working on a rematch. Their previous match destroyed the record set by Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson for financial gain.
Sound great right. We have a record breaking fight. We can do a rematch because it was closely contested. Boxing is back right? Not so fast Lee Corso’s friend.
The whole reason we are getting this fight, isn’t this fight. It is the two or three fights that we are not getting that are bringing this fight about. What should happen is that the next contender gets a shot at Mayweather (don’t even mention Hatton to me, that was a joke). Then next guy behind that contender fights De la Hoya so we can get a legit contender, and then the winner of that fight gets the next shot at Mayweather. Providing Mayweather beat the next contender.
The problem is, there is no reasonable talent out there. No one to fight means we get the same fight re-hashed. Unfortunately, we will still tune in and in turn the cycle continues.

Second Helping of Nutty Cheese

In a recent post I gave an example of the over the top nature of Packer fans. I underestimated the lunacy.
On Saturday(Jan 12, 2008) 30 year-old Mathew Kowlad, was cited for disorderly conduct after taping his 7 year-old son up for over an hour and taping his Packer Jersey to him.
Really guy. I am guessing there were some adult beverages involved in that process. I mean is Matt some kind of shack dweller with a roll of duct tape on his belt? I mean this guy had to decide, to do it. Go grab some tape. Pin down his seven year old and tape him down. Then tape on that Favre ( I mean Jesus, sorry Packer fan) Jersey.

New Orleans Saints Offseason

New Orleans Saints - The Saints have declined in Offensive Pass Rush and overall Yardage. The rush can be explained through injury, but as far as the pass yardage. You sure, you didn’t want to try a little harder to keep Joe Horn(though I am sure he isn’t all that happy with the Vick-less, Petrino-less, win-lite Falcons). I do believe Marquis Colston will be a premier wide receiver in this league. There has to be that clutch guy that finds the yard marker on 3rd-and-6.
A lot was made of the fact that the Saints were not able to run the ball with Reggie Bush. I think the return from injury by Deuce Staley will allow Bush to go to a more useful role of being slipped in to different spots all over the field so that he must constantly be accounted for by the defense. Frankly, I was surprised that an offensive mind the Sean Payton is supposed to me was unable to find creative wrinkles for Bush. I am finding myself shocked to suggest that he look to the Defensive minded Bears and how they began to use Devin Hester as the season moved towards an end.
While the offensive side of the ball slid across all yardage categories; the defense did manage to improve in rush yardage. They did however slide so far in pass yardage that it caused them to slide in overall rank from 11th to 26th. This becomes even more concerning considering the fact they brought in Jason David in during the off-season to improve their pass defense. The only bright spot in the defensive backfield was Mike Mackenzie. His brightness dimmed toward the end of the season. He is facing off-season recovery from season ending ACL surgery.
In the up coming draft they have to address that defensive backfield. They should be looking at Kenny Philips (S-Miami), Mike Jenkins (CB-S. Florida), or Malcolm Jenkins (CB-OSU). I like Malcolm Jenkins skills but there is some question as to whether he has the speed to play corner at the next level. He may and up as a Safety, but with the Saints in need at both spots, they can take him on with very little risk.
Head Coach Sean Payton seems to be at no risk of losing his job this off-season. I have some serious doubts about him. He took the team, with all it’s post Katrina feel good momentum, and the novelty of Reggie Bush to the playoffs. Only to implode this year in the weakest division in football. The real litmus test will come next year to see how he rebounds from this. I also predict that if Jason Garrett doesn’t land a head coaching job this off-season, Payton’s performance next year will greatly influence how Garrett is viewed.

No shoes, No socks,… True Service

Head Coach Ron Hunter, of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, IuPuI(pronounced ewwey-pooey, seriously) will coach on Jan. 24th barefoot. That’s right No shoes, No Socks.
He is trying to raise awareness for Samaritan's Feet an organization, which brings shoes to people going barefoot around the world.
Samaritan's Feet was founded in 2004 by Emmanuel "Manny" Ohonme. Ohonme a native Nigerian who was inspired when at age nine he received his first pair of shoes from a stranger.
Hunter will also take the next step. In July he will head to Africa with the 40,000 shoes he is trying to collect. He will be sacrificing a prime portion of the recruiting season. I mean the real sacrifice is that it’s Africa IN JULY.