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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second Helping of Nutty Cheese

In a recent post I gave an example of the over the top nature of Packer fans. I underestimated the lunacy.
On Saturday(Jan 12, 2008) 30 year-old Mathew Kowlad, was cited for disorderly conduct after taping his 7 year-old son up for over an hour and taping his Packer Jersey to him.
Really guy. I am guessing there were some adult beverages involved in that process. I mean is Matt some kind of shack dweller with a roll of duct tape on his belt? I mean this guy had to decide, to do it. Go grab some tape. Pin down his seven year old and tape him down. Then tape on that Favre ( I mean Jesus, sorry Packer fan) Jersey.

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