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Thursday, January 17, 2008

C'mon everybody is doin' it

“Hurry, Hurry get in line.” The Chin Shouted. “I am first” Bobby yelled , to which Bill responded “you’re the one causing the line.” As Jason runs up shouting, “what’s this line for” “oh, were all lining up to reject the Falcons”, “we’re here to cut and run”, “we’re teasing Mr. Blank” the others say over each other
That’s right today Jason Garrett became the fourth major prospect to walk away from the Falcons. All of a sudden Bobby Petrino is looking good for sticking out the half season he managed to show up for. With Bill Cowher as well as Bill Parcells leading the no thanks parade going through Falcons owner Arthur Blanks office. As I mentioned I think this is the right move for Garrett. Now all of a sudden he got a raise to 3 million a year. No longer is it a good decision; it is great. He now makes more than half the head coaches in the league. You can pretty much assume that he is waiting in the wings for the head coaching, job. All around smart move.

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