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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Boxings record breaking fight is bad news

The Rumor mill is grinding out some boxing news. It seems as though Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De la Hoya are working on a rematch. Their previous match destroyed the record set by Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson for financial gain.
Sound great right. We have a record breaking fight. We can do a rematch because it was closely contested. Boxing is back right? Not so fast Lee Corso’s friend.
The whole reason we are getting this fight, isn’t this fight. It is the two or three fights that we are not getting that are bringing this fight about. What should happen is that the next contender gets a shot at Mayweather (don’t even mention Hatton to me, that was a joke). Then next guy behind that contender fights De la Hoya so we can get a legit contender, and then the winner of that fight gets the next shot at Mayweather. Providing Mayweather beat the next contender.
The problem is, there is no reasonable talent out there. No one to fight means we get the same fight re-hashed. Unfortunately, we will still tune in and in turn the cycle continues.

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