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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hall of Fame Inductees Announced - Carter Snubbed

I could be slightly biased with my feelings here. So I am going to attempt to go with the facts. Instead of vomiting out the rant I initially felt in reaction to Cris Carter not being inducted tot he Hall of Fame this year.

Chris Carter facts


  • 2nd all time in receiving yards (13,899) -Trails Jerry Rice
  • 2nd all time in career receptions (1,101) -Trails Jerry Rice
  • T-3rd all time in seasons with 50+ receptions (11) -Trails Jerry Rice and Andre Reed
  • T-3rd all time in receptions in a season(122 twice '94 & '95) -Trails Marvin Harrison and Herman Moore
  • T-4th all time in Season with 1,000+ Yards Receiving(8) -Trails Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Jimmy Smith
  • T-3rd all time in most seasons leading league in TD(3) - Trails Don Hutson and Jerry Rice
  • 2nd all time most TD in a career(130) - Trails Jerry Rice
  • T-4th all time Most TD in a season(17) - Trails Jerry Rice, Mark Clayton, and Sterling Sharpe
Not only are there very few guys who have surpassed him in any one category, Jerry Rice is the only player to surpass him consistently across the board. Jerry Rice is the one player who it is readily agreed is the best player at his position. Almost every other best at argument will draw a laundry list of names. Not WR, so the simple fact he is consistently above or near the performance of the greatest of all time warrants a first ballot Hall of Fame selection.

As I sit here pondering why it is that he wasn't selected. I can't help but think of the words of another player who was inducted this year. Redskins corner Darell Green was asked by Scot Van Pelt on the Mike Tirico show "why is Riggins the only Redskin from those three championship teams to make it to the Hall of Fame". With out much conviction he said the only thing he could come up wit was that they had no sizzle, they were just guys who came in and did their jobs.

Like I said he didn't seem to have much conviction, it was more of a default because he couldn't explain it. I think after seeing Cris Carter snubbed there may just be something to this. Carter really had no off the field issues once he left Philadelphia. I mean what exactly would it have taken, would he have had to actually surpass Jerry Rice. Maybe they just don't put receivers into the hall on the first ballot. Maybe they feel like it is the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame and because receivers don't touch the ball as often as a QB or RB they aren't worth as much.

Don't worry I got you covered I looked it up. Here are your First Ballot Hall of Famers. There are plenty of them but in the interest of apples to apples here are the Wide Receivers

I was cruising along researching this and I was willing to accept that maybe some of the guys on this list are better thanI know as they were before my time. But seriously. Steve Largent!? Are you kidding me, I like Largent, I loved his tough style and his gritty play. But I challenge anyone out there to lay down a convincing argument for why Steve Largent should be a first ballot Hall of Famer, while Cris Carter is not.

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