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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Final Update: Who's Picking The Giants

Here it is folks the final list of people who have picked the Giants to win the Superbowl

  • MARIO WILLIAMS - Houston Texans Defensive lineman on Rome is Burning

  • DOUG (or maybe it was RYAN) STEWART - Co-Host of 2 Live Stews on First Take

  • LOMIS BROWN - ESPN Football Analyst on First Take

  • MICHAEL WILBON - Co-Host of PTI called in via Tony Kornheiser due to his recent heart surgery (Get well soon)

  • TONY DORSETT - Hall of Famer this morning on First Take

  • JERRY RICE - Greatest receiver of All Time today on Mike Tiricos Superbowl special

  • BILL PLASCHKE - LA Times Columnist on Around the Horn

  • JON STEWART - Host of The A Daily Show

  • THE CAMEL- Popcorn Park Zoo

  • FRAN TARKENTON - Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback on the Mike and Mike show.

  • DR. Z -

  • SEAN KING - ESPN Analyst on First Take

  • MIKE WEISS - Forum Guest on Jim Rome is Burning

  • PAPPABEARR44 - Regular comment contributor

  • ARNOLD PALMER - Golfer - "I see Eli Manning coming into his own and the coach (Tom Coughlin) is anxious to win a Super Bowl."

  • HOOPANDHARM - fellow sports blogger

  • GEN. MIKE HAYDEN - Director of the CIA - The spread favors the Pats, but careful intelligence work looks beyond the obvious. The Giants are hot now. Three playoff wins on the road (like the Steelers before Super Bowl XL). Regular season finale shows they match up well against the Pats. Besides, nobody's perfect!

  • PLACIDO DOMINGO - Opera Tenor - The Giants might be the spoiler by breaking the Patriots' perfect season and playoff record.

  • SHAWN - Blogger at thattalldude

  • SERENA WILLIAMS - Tennis player/Venus' little sister - Giants, because of Eli Manning being the younger brother.

  • SHAQUILLE O'NEAL - Miami Heat - because the Pats have too much pressure to run the table and New York will take advantage of the situation.

  • KEITH OLBERMANN - MSNBC TV host - Not a lot of people noticed that by December, Eli Manning had already made the first hurdle of greatness: eight fourth-quarter comeback wins in his first four seasons. First you figure out how to reverse a disaster-in-progress. Then you learn how to prevent a disaster. He has just learned.

  • BILL O'REILLY - FOX TV host - Destiny.

Some body make a note, Olbermann and O'reilly agreed on something. Though per his usual form Bill O has little support for his opinion.

  • MICHAEL BLOOMBERG - Mayor of New York City - Well, I can tell you that when I lived in the Boston metropolitan area, they did not have a football team so nobody can accuse me of having been a Patriots fan. I am a New York fan. There is a game and I don't want to jinx it by talking about it but I think the best team will win and that's clearly the Giants.

  • RALPH BRANCA - Former Brooklyn Dodger who threw the famous pitch to Thomson - They can control the ball and their defense is good. End of 18 in a row.

  • YOGI BERRA - Hall of Fame New York Yankee - I'm hoping the Giants win -- the score doesn't matter. Also, Eli (Manning) was nice enough to give us his jersey (for a captains exhibit at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center).

  • STEVEN VAN ZANDT - Actor, "The Sopranos" and musician, The E Street Band - There was a lot oh hmmmmng and hawwwign but trust me he took the Giants

  • MARK CUBAN - Owner, Dallas Mavericks and personal inspiration - I think Brady is dinged up and not playing well. The Giants have gotten better and are playing with great confidence.

  • DR. JOYCE BROTHERS - Psychologist - I believe the Giants are going to win. I haven't paid that much attention this year.

  • RUSSELL JOHNSON - Professor on "Gilligan's Island" - It's awfully hard to not pick New England. But the Giants looked good in their last game. The Giants are going to rise up and smote the Patriots by one point. (seriously how much credence are you giving a guy that couldn't get them off the island )(Gilligans Island, it's like Lost but Old Skool haha)

  • DICK VITALE - ESPN basketball broadcaster

  • DENNIS FARINA - Actor - I think Eli Manning finally found his way as a quarterback and is ready to explode.

  • JESSE L. MARTIN - Actor - "Law and Order"

  • DR. PAT ROBERTSON - Reverend - I invariably favor the underdog, that's why I am pulling for the Giants to win. This is not a prediction -- just a preference.

  • SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER - D-NY - I've been a Giants fan since I was five years old. I can remember watching Charlie Connerly, Sam Huff, and Alex Webster. Back then, the two most important Roosevelts to me were Brown and Grier.

  • SCOTT TUROW - Author - I just can't believe that a team's going to go 19-0 in the NFL.

  • DAVID WRIGHT - N.Y. Mets - I grew up in Redskin country in Norfolk, Va., and my dad was a loyalist to the Hogs. I competed against my father in pretty much everything. So since my early childhood coincided with the great battles between the Joe Gibbs' Redskins and the Bill Parcells' Giants, I took a liking to the Giants of Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms.

  • DIERKS BENTLEY - Country singer - The Giants finished the season strong, and I guess I just enjoy pulling for the underdog.

  • RACHEL SMITH - Miss USA - Giants, by a field goal with seconds to go! They've won me over since I've moved to the Big Apple and now that my Tennessee Titans are out for the season.

  • TONY SIRICO - Actor, "The Sopranos"

  • DOMINIC CHIANESE - Actor, "The Sopranos" - New York Giants are actually going to beat the New England Patriots by three points. Well, 'cause I'm a New Yorker, and I'm always for the underdog, so to speak. Even when I watch boxing, or anything, you know I'm always for the guy that looks like he's going to lose.

  • JON TENNEY - Actor, "The Closer" - New York Giants, all the way! I'm from New Jersey, are you kidding? What a game, that final game, when they beat the Packers. I mean, God bless the Packers, but I tell you, that was an exciting, exciting game. I screamed more during that fourth quarter than ever. So I'm rooting for the Giants, wholeheartedly. I don't know what's the over and under, what are they giving? 10 point underdogs? Well I always root for the underdog. I can't get the point spread but, let's say, I think the Giants will win it by three.

  • JAMES DENTON - Actor, "Desperate Housewives" - I just think, superior passion, a little superior defensive line. The Patriots seem a little bored to me. They're clearly the better team, but 19-0 is tough to do. And they've been kind of running on fumes.

  • ED ASNER - Actor - Giants, 7-3. I think they're due. And they've become destiny's team. May the best team win. This is not to say that I have any animosity towards the NE Patriots and Tom Brady. They're the best people in the world.

  • EVA MARIE SAINT - Actress - Giants, 38-35. I expect a "winning" score and a "losing" score, plus players sitting on the bench spitting. Giants will pull a major upset and win The Oscar.

  • MARLEE MATLIN - Actress - I think it will be the Giants. I have a good friend who is rooting for New England, BIG TIME and I love to create some friendly rivalry. That's what a good game is all about. Plus, I tend to root for the underdog, except when my home team, the Chicago Bears are playing.

  • DIONNE WARWICK - Singer/entrepreneur - Most people will think I am crazy but I truly believe the Giants will pull it off. (Dionne we KNEW you were crazy long before this)

  • JOAN JETT - Rock star - Giants, 35-21. I'm a Packers fan and knew they were in trouble. New York is on a roll.

  • DOLPH LUNDGREN - Actor/director - Giants, 21-13. This year it looks like the right Manning is in the Super Bowl. (Eli please please please, pull out the "I must break you " on Brady, at the coin toss)

  • SANYA RICHARDS - Track star - Giants, 21-17. I think momentum has a lot to do with success in sports, and I think the Giants are coming into this game with a lot of momentum. They have been the underdogs the last two weeks and I think they are confident and ready for one more upset.

  • MATT KENSETH - NASCAR driver - Giants, 24-21. Why not? (Check out Captain personality living up to his title)

  • SCOTT ADAMS - Dilbert cartoonist - Giants, 37-21. Eli Manning has more incentive to win because he's trying to make his parents love him more they love his older brother. That's a bigger incentive than Tom Brady's desire to win yet another ring and bed yet another super model. It's a question of diminishing returns.

List including those who picked the Patriots

Did I miss anyone who picked the Giants

Who do you think will win the Big game

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