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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Belichick Caught Filming Rams My Ex(s) Can Help

So apparently there was even more filming going on than was originally reported this year. There are unnamed sources being reported by ESPN. Apparently the Patriots filmed the walk through held the day prior to Superbowl. The Rams have made no Comment and the Patriots seem to be a little busy to discuss it today.

You know who Belichick is right now. He is that guy who wakes up at 4 in the morning to his girl sobbing at him as she go's back through his cell phone. "Who is this picture of", "Why do you need this picture " Now all of sudden it's all kinds of trouble. She is screaming at him "we went through this months ago" ,"You said that was all you had done you claimed we were starting fresh" "Now I am hearing things about you and your cheating ways again" "I told you , just tell me everything"

I am trying to be open minded about Belichick. I mean I have enjoyed the sense of humor I seen lately from him. He really could solve all this problem, just own up to everything all at once. Get this mess behind us. Let's move forward. (AHHHHH I sound like every Ex I've ever had)

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