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Monday, February 4, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

Here's some stuff to keep you from continually repeating "that was the best superbowl ever"

How to bury the lead - One man is stabbed, pregnant woman shot and killed and youmention the man(ESPN)

After reading this maybe the NFL's reign as America's number one sport is in peril, nahhhhhh(ESPN)

Ok I didn't know this existed, I am saddened that it does(ESPN)

Nascar is only two weeks away, time to start brushing up(ESPN)

This is what is keeping Don Mattingly away from the Dodgers? Time for an upgrade for Donnie Baseball(The Big Lead)

A choking compilation - It's like the mix tape your girl made you in junior high except this one was made by the girl you didn't have stones to ask out(The Big Lead)

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