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Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Agency: Corey Williams traded to the Browns

With all the action in the NFL Free Agent market, it is not surprising to see some trades to balance out the wins and losses teams are suffering. The Browns are involved in yet another move. Getting Corey Williams from the Packers for a second round pick this year.

The details weren't released but it will likely involve Williams signing the tendered offer tied to the Franchise tag that the Packers placed on him. He will get the average of the top 5 defensive tackles in 2007.

Williams is a good addition to a team that needs to strengthen its defense. The Browns young weapons scored a lot in 2007, but their defense gave up even more.

Alright people it's March and to us sports fans that means March Madness, Spring Training, and NFL Free Agency. To a lot of people March means March of Dimes.

My sister is walking for the March of Dimes, click on her banner below, and head to the comments section where you'll find a woman who mentions that March of Dimes helped her family care for her when she was young. That's my Grandmother. Along with beating me for my abuse of the English language on this blog, she has beaten Polio, and a stroke.


If you can donate great if not just check out her comment

It's Never To Late To Admit You Were Wrong Minnesota

As the NFL's Free Agency machine continues to whirl. I can't help but think back to this time of year a few years back. What could have been and what could still be.

As Draft day approached in 2005 the chemistry problems between Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss were ugly. The previous season their locker room issues spilled over, affecting their play on the field and their behavior on the side line. With Cris Carter a few years removed from mentoring Moss and keeping the peace between the Culpepper and Moss, things reached a breaking point.

Deciding that a premier quarterback would be harder to replace that an premier receiver they dealt Moss to the Oakland Raiders for Napolean Harris and the 7th over all pick. In a move clearly meant to replace Moss's presence as a deep threat, the Vikings took Troy Williams out of South Carolina.

It didn't work. None of it worked. Williamson was just traded after 3 years of poor production for a 6th round pick. Moss who was miserable in Oakland and played like it, was traded to New England before the 07-08 season. The worst part, the guy the Vikings decided to stick with has been on 3 teams since the Moss deal, he was cut by two of them and currently isn't on an NFL roster.

Moss got a small amount of redemption last year playing up to his old standards. He ended his final year with a bitter taste in his mouth, losing the Superbowl. Now he is a free agent and appears to be pretty far from a deal with New England. Oh, What could be.

Vikings please, swallow you pride and get Randy back in Minnesota. It shouldn't be that hard. It's pretty easy to see now that it was a bad move. It also wasn't their move, Rick Speilman now the Vikings GM wasn't brought in until a year later- probably as a result of the moronic Moss trade made by his predecessor. Moss still has ties in Minnesota and the people he had problems with are gone.

I am a huge Mike Tice fan and really enjoyed him as the coach. I am certainly not going to say that Randy Moss's behavior was his fault, but the issues Randy and Daunte had involved their own discipline. Tice was such a players coach that a stronger disciplinarian like Childress could be just the fit that Moss needs. He has shown he is willing to play for a tough coach. Whatever you may think of Belichick no one thinks he is soft.

I know it isn't likely to happen but this fantasy was going to run around my head 'til I got it out.

Jerry Porter Signs With Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Free Agency action continues to come in a flurry. Former Oakland Raider has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

ESPN is reporting the Porter signed a deal for six-years, $30 million. Porter, 29, will try to follow in Randy Moss's footsteps when he start his 9th season with Jags in 2008. He spent the previous 8 seasons in Oakland.

Moss who was traded away after two lackluster years in Oakland went to the Patriots for next to nothing. Adding Moss's big play ability and the fact defenses had to roll coverage to him most certainly helped the Patriots to their perfect almost perfect season. He was in fact such a benefit that Tom Brady said publicly "They better resign him, wherever Randy goes, I go."

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard, who didn't have a big time receiver to throw to last year, hopes Porter as well as Troy Williamson, can propel the Jags past the early playoff exit they suffered last season. Williamson, acquired for a 6th round pick from Minnesota, has certainly not delivered on his 7th overall draft selection in the 2005 Draft. The Jaguars hope he will perform a little better, with Garrard throwing him the ball, than he did with the revolving door at quarterback Minnesota has employed over the last few seasons.

Looks like my projection of the Jags draft will involve a defensive end just got stronger.

Free Agency: Minnesota Vikings In The Mix

As the NFL Free Agency machine continues to roll forward faster than I can keep track of I can't help but take some time to wrap up the moves my team has made so far, and some moves they ought to make.

As will happen with Pro Bowl fullbacks Tony Richardson is gone to free agency. Pro Bowl fullbacks always go; in part because they are under appreciated, in part because they over value themselves. Just because they have to vote someone into the fullback position does not all of a sudden mean that you deserve an extra 3 million a year.

The Vikings signed former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Thomas Tapeh. I don't see any details on the deal yet, but it looks like it'll be a good fit. He has blocked for the shifty backs in Philadelphia's west coast offense. Tapeh will transition nicely to the Childress, a former Reid assistant, version of that same offense.

When Dwight Smith was released last week, the need for a safety became almost as big as the Vikings wide receiver needs. Signing former Bengal Madieu Williams to a 6-year $33 million dollar deal answers the safety question and let's the Vikings get back to the wide receiver issue.

Troy Williamson has certainly not lived up to the 7th overall pick that the Vikings used on him in 2005. With a trade to the Jaguars for their 6th round selection this year the Vikings receiving core got even more shallow, especially in the area of deep threat guys. The Vikings are currently talking to Bernard Berrian about coming to Minnesota to be that deep threat.

As teams scramble over the top of each other during free agency I think the Vikings need to take some time before bringing in Berrian. He hasn't set the world on fire in Chicago. That could be blamed on the lack of consistent quarterback play in Chicago but the situation in Minnesota hasn't been any more stable than the Bears have been.

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Free Agency: Asante Samuel Signs With Philadeplhia

The NFL Free Agency Carousel has come to a stop again. This time corner back Asante Samuel, got off in Philadelphia. The Eagles are reportedly paying him $57 million over the next 6 years.

The Eagles are getting Samuel at a bargain. Expected to command a little higher price, it's likely he is in Philly as much for money as personal preference. His press conference this afternoon was full of comments about the future and helping a team that is close to the Superbowl to get there.

The Eagles have to be pleased with the addition. Having Samuel in the secondary should free up Brian Dawkins to concentrate even more heavily on playing the run. With teams likely to throw away from Samuel, Dawkins will also be able to cheat towards the other side of the field in deep coverage.

I am sure Donovan McNabb wasn't referring to cornerbacks when he said the Eagles needed play makers, but he should still be happy to see some help arrive in Philly.

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Dallas Cowboys Feeling the Flo-Zell Adams

Just hours before the Free Agency period began Friday morning the Dallas Cowboys locked up stand out left tackle Flozell Adams.

The 4-time pro-bowler has been keeping Tony Romo's backside and blindside safe for the last two years. His services convinced the cowboys to give him $42 million for 6 more years. After the deal was announced he was asked about if he had considered leaving he of course said the right thing "Nope, not at all." It's not like he was going to say he really wanted to get the hell out of Dallas but the money was too good.

Not only was he saying the right thing he also did the right thing, for the Cowboys and for himself. He fits well on that line and he has played well there. That doesn't always translate to a new team and a new system. With the Cowboys offering him good money with nearly a third of it guaranteed there is no reason for him to leave.

The Cowboys got a good deal as well. For a guy performing as well as Adams, they could have been forced to pay more. The fact he wouldn't have performed as well elsewhere doesn't lower his value to them. After a year that started with an offensive bang and ended with a whimper, the last thing the Cowboys need is to mess with the chemistry on the offensive line.

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Free Agency: Todd Collins

NFL Free Agency isn't even 24 hours old yet and the hits keep on coming. The Washington Redskins re-signing QB Todd Collins is a hit to Jason Campbell's job security.

The Redskins signed Collins to a three year deal. It's somewhat surprising that Collins didn't test the waters a little longer. After a Jason Campbell knee injury, Collins took the helm with 4 games remaining in the season. He led the team well enough to beat out the Minnesota Vikings for the final Wild-Card spot. His performance against Seattle in the first round of the playoffs didn't help him but it wasn't bad enough to have really hurt him either.

Maybe he didn't leave because he has his eye on the quarterback spot in Washington. New head coach Jim Zorn doesn't have any more ties to, Campbell, than he does Collins. Campbell will likely get the benefit of the doubt for the first few tough games. If Campbell struggles consistently it will be hard for a new coach, already facing accusations that he is not cut out for the job, to stick with him. Especially with a back up that has shown already that he can lead the team to wins.

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Raiders Give Biggest DT Contract Ever To John Doe

The Raiders have signed, Tommy Kelly, some guy 90% of the league has never even heard of the biggest contract ever for a defensive tackle. As NFL Free Agency was looming the Black Hole of franchises, who have lost player after player as well as a head coach, all of a sudden opened up Al Davis's old man coin pouch.

The Raiders doled out an NFL-record seven-year, $50.5 million contract. Just over $18 million is guaranteed. This guy came into the league as AN UNDRAFTED FREE-AGENT. I am all for guys getting money they earned, not being held back by draft status and all that but this is just bat shit crazy.

While the other 31 teams are cursing AL Davis right now for driving the value of defensive tackles with actual talent through the roof. Those same tackles are right now counting the increase their contracts are going to see. Right before they upgrade their mistresses to the more expensive model.

All of them except for Warren Sapp. Sapp, who retired at he end of the 2007-2008 season has got to be thinking about unretiring. If that stiff Kelly got $50 Million, Sapp should be able to get $7-$10 for a year.