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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason

The Offseason plans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are somewhat cloudy. The Jags reached a level of success that the team can be somewhat satisfied with. It is hard to look back at the final game against the Patriots and then say "we have this deficiency and that deficiency".

If the Jaguars have a need it is probably at defensive end. With Reggie Hayward's injuries seem to linger enough to hold him back last season he will be a big question mark. Bobbie McCray will be a free agent and may draw more from a free agency pool that is light on defensive end, than the Jags are willing to pay to keep him . They also need to resign Grady Jackson but since that is likely, it will probably be the DE that they address in the Draft.

A likely prospect is Calais Campbell(DE-Miami). Campbell is a giant physical prospect at 6'8" 280 lb. which could be intriguing to a defensive team like Jacksonville. While he didn't really perform up to expectations in his final season at Miami, it is likely that a leader like Head Coach , Jack Del Rio, would see him as someone he could bring that potential out of.

Jack Del Rio is also in interesting part of this equation. With his former career as the Linebacker and play caller on the field for the teams he was on. Del Rio seems to have his hand in the defense of former defensive coordinator Mike Smith. With Smith now having moved on to become the head coach of the Falcons in Atlanta. It will be interesting to see if Del Rio will take a stronger hand in the defense or if he will bring in a defensive coordinator that has a little bigger presence than Mike Smith.

In either case the Jags look like they are a strong contending team for the near future. As long as they continue the upward mobility that they have shown over the last few seasons. So long as they don't rest on the success that they have enjoyed.

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