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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

Danica Patrick is hot.THE END

I guess the people at SI thought that Tiger Woods hadn't been the subject of enough controversy after that whole Golf Week Noose Cover(SportsbyBrooks)

90dayjane says she is gonna kill herself in 90 days but I am more of a 25000dayArthur fan, I mean I pretty much procrastinate everything.

Honestly Chris Mihm has more games missed than points scored this season(ESPN)

Is there really a big call for jack-shack material of a dead chick(FanHouse)

Kenechi Udeze has a form of cancer, it will be weeks til the type is known. Just want to wish him well (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

They keep telling me Kidd is such a great teammate, Riiiiiight(FanHouse)

When (not if people, WHEN)Shaq shows that he is a broken down shell of himself, the feud with Bill Walton is going to leave him looking foolish(FanHouse)

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