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Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Agency: Minnesota Vikings In The Mix

As the NFL Free Agency machine continues to roll forward faster than I can keep track of I can't help but take some time to wrap up the moves my team has made so far, and some moves they ought to make.

As will happen with Pro Bowl fullbacks Tony Richardson is gone to free agency. Pro Bowl fullbacks always go; in part because they are under appreciated, in part because they over value themselves. Just because they have to vote someone into the fullback position does not all of a sudden mean that you deserve an extra 3 million a year.

The Vikings signed former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Thomas Tapeh. I don't see any details on the deal yet, but it looks like it'll be a good fit. He has blocked for the shifty backs in Philadelphia's west coast offense. Tapeh will transition nicely to the Childress, a former Reid assistant, version of that same offense.

When Dwight Smith was released last week, the need for a safety became almost as big as the Vikings wide receiver needs. Signing former Bengal Madieu Williams to a 6-year $33 million dollar deal answers the safety question and let's the Vikings get back to the wide receiver issue.

Troy Williamson has certainly not lived up to the 7th overall pick that the Vikings used on him in 2005. With a trade to the Jaguars for their 6th round selection this year the Vikings receiving core got even more shallow, especially in the area of deep threat guys. The Vikings are currently talking to Bernard Berrian about coming to Minnesota to be that deep threat.

As teams scramble over the top of each other during free agency I think the Vikings need to take some time before bringing in Berrian. He hasn't set the world on fire in Chicago. That could be blamed on the lack of consistent quarterback play in Chicago but the situation in Minnesota hasn't been any more stable than the Bears have been.

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