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Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Never To Late To Admit You Were Wrong Minnesota

As the NFL's Free Agency machine continues to whirl. I can't help but think back to this time of year a few years back. What could have been and what could still be.

As Draft day approached in 2005 the chemistry problems between Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss were ugly. The previous season their locker room issues spilled over, affecting their play on the field and their behavior on the side line. With Cris Carter a few years removed from mentoring Moss and keeping the peace between the Culpepper and Moss, things reached a breaking point.

Deciding that a premier quarterback would be harder to replace that an premier receiver they dealt Moss to the Oakland Raiders for Napolean Harris and the 7th over all pick. In a move clearly meant to replace Moss's presence as a deep threat, the Vikings took Troy Williams out of South Carolina.

It didn't work. None of it worked. Williamson was just traded after 3 years of poor production for a 6th round pick. Moss who was miserable in Oakland and played like it, was traded to New England before the 07-08 season. The worst part, the guy the Vikings decided to stick with has been on 3 teams since the Moss deal, he was cut by two of them and currently isn't on an NFL roster.

Moss got a small amount of redemption last year playing up to his old standards. He ended his final year with a bitter taste in his mouth, losing the Superbowl. Now he is a free agent and appears to be pretty far from a deal with New England. Oh, What could be.

Vikings please, swallow you pride and get Randy back in Minnesota. It shouldn't be that hard. It's pretty easy to see now that it was a bad move. It also wasn't their move, Rick Speilman now the Vikings GM wasn't brought in until a year later- probably as a result of the moronic Moss trade made by his predecessor. Moss still has ties in Minnesota and the people he had problems with are gone.

I am a huge Mike Tice fan and really enjoyed him as the coach. I am certainly not going to say that Randy Moss's behavior was his fault, but the issues Randy and Daunte had involved their own discipline. Tice was such a players coach that a stronger disciplinarian like Childress could be just the fit that Moss needs. He has shown he is willing to play for a tough coach. Whatever you may think of Belichick no one thinks he is soft.

I know it isn't likely to happen but this fantasy was going to run around my head 'til I got it out.

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