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Friday, February 29, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Feeling the Flo-Zell Adams

Just hours before the Free Agency period began Friday morning the Dallas Cowboys locked up stand out left tackle Flozell Adams.

The 4-time pro-bowler has been keeping Tony Romo's backside and blindside safe for the last two years. His services convinced the cowboys to give him $42 million for 6 more years. After the deal was announced he was asked about if he had considered leaving he of course said the right thing "Nope, not at all." It's not like he was going to say he really wanted to get the hell out of Dallas but the money was too good.

Not only was he saying the right thing he also did the right thing, for the Cowboys and for himself. He fits well on that line and he has played well there. That doesn't always translate to a new team and a new system. With the Cowboys offering him good money with nearly a third of it guaranteed there is no reason for him to leave.

The Cowboys got a good deal as well. For a guy performing as well as Adams, they could have been forced to pay more. The fact he wouldn't have performed as well elsewhere doesn't lower his value to them. After a year that started with an offensive bang and ended with a whimper, the last thing the Cowboys need is to mess with the chemistry on the offensive line.

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