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Friday, February 29, 2008

Raiders Give Biggest DT Contract Ever To John Doe

The Raiders have signed, Tommy Kelly, some guy 90% of the league has never even heard of the biggest contract ever for a defensive tackle. As NFL Free Agency was looming the Black Hole of franchises, who have lost player after player as well as a head coach, all of a sudden opened up Al Davis's old man coin pouch.

The Raiders doled out an NFL-record seven-year, $50.5 million contract. Just over $18 million is guaranteed. This guy came into the league as AN UNDRAFTED FREE-AGENT. I am all for guys getting money they earned, not being held back by draft status and all that but this is just bat shit crazy.

While the other 31 teams are cursing AL Davis right now for driving the value of defensive tackles with actual talent through the roof. Those same tackles are right now counting the increase their contracts are going to see. Right before they upgrade their mistresses to the more expensive model.

All of them except for Warren Sapp. Sapp, who retired at he end of the 2007-2008 season has got to be thinking about unretiring. If that stiff Kelly got $50 Million, Sapp should be able to get $7-$10 for a year.

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