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Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Vandeweghe In Hell I'd Take That Job

Kiki Vandeweghe might be on his way to the New York Knicks. The rumors have him becoming Isiah Thomas's new boss. Vandeweghe would become the Team President replacing Thomas in that role while Thomas would maintain his position as the head coach.

The Knicks are amazing, how do you take a good idea; replace Isiah Thomas. Let it get even better; choose Vandeweghe to replace Thomas. Then Knickerbocker the situation by allowing Thomas to stay on as coach.

Vandeweghe may take the job, and probably should. He can do no worse. The team is losing left and right, they are the laughing stock of the NBA on and off the court, his predecessor (here after known as the moron on the sideline) overpaid every player who busted on their potential in the last 5 years. As long as he doesn't drop the body of a small child from the rafters of Madison Square Garden in the closing minutes of the Knicks 57th loss in a row he will be an improvement.

Being a good idea for Vandeweghe, doesn't make it a good idea. Owner James Dolan, who clearly turns towards Isiah's house in the morning to pray that his franchise stops being a crumbling house of cards, loves Isiah. That is the only explanation for the fact Isiah still has a job. Vandeweghe is a step in the right direction but not a complete solution.

After making some of the worst contracts in the NBA you would figure the over paid players, all 12 of them, would at least hustle for the guy over paying you. Not your New York Knicks. Now the coach they been dogging it on is going to get semi-fired. I don't see that raising the respect level on the Knicks bench. Now that the one thing Isiah has had in his corner, James Dolans undying support, is starting to fracture. Knick players are going to give even less to their coach.

Vandeweghe is not a very outspoken guy, something that makes him quite popular around the league, especially in the league offices. He has however been put in a position to give his opinion on Isiah as a columnist for ESPN. From his daily dime in November where he covered the challenges coaches were facing.

3. Isiah Thomas, New York KnicksThe
challenge: Dealing with a superstar The superstar player,
-- and he certainly is a superstar --is being asked to mold his game
into what the coach wants him to do. But he's not being productive and the team
is not winning. In fact, the team is doing better with the energy guys in there
No easy answers here, but the great thing to remember about
basketball is you start fresh at 0-0 each game. Marbury can be the star, but he
can't hesitate, can't be afraid to make mistakes. Marbury (notwithstanding his
2-for-13 FG in Tuesday loss to Bulls) has the talent to do it.

Vandeweghe certainly didn't blast Isiah for putting Marbury in a position to fail, but it isn't exactly a ringing endorsement from a guy who might be your boss a few losses from now.

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