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Thursday, February 28, 2008

NFL Moves

Small disclaimer:I know the posting has been a little light lately. I have been busy. (Yes, despite what Tony Kornheiser thinks, I am not sitting in my mom's basement waiting to write the next post) Now that I have a little time let get to the business at hand

The New England Patriots off season moves are always top billing for me. While despising the franchise is easy, arguing with their results is not. This year's surprising moves include not only what they've done but also what's been done to them.

They started their offseason shockfest by choosing not to franchise tag Randy Moss. He doesn't officially become a free agent until February 29th. I think at that point we'll find out if the Patriots have a deal in place with Randy or if they really know something we don't.

One of the areas where New England is aging quickly is at linebacker. With retirement questions swirling around Tedi Bruschi and Junior Seau, the Patriots surprised no one when they brought in recently released Zach Thomas, offering him a contract before he even left the facility. The surprises started coming when Thomas opted not to sign with the Patriots, choosing Dallas instead(ending my string of referring to him as Seau 2.0). The Patriots then did the last thing people expected cut Roosevelt Colvin from their already questionable linebacking core.

With any other team I would be boldly prediciting that both Randy Moss and Roosevelt Colvin will be back in Foxboro. That these moves were simply adjustments to the salary cap and how the contract numbers play out. With the Patriots though the only thing I am ever sure of is that I have no idea what is coming next. I do know better than to question the moves of a team that was won win away from a dynasty. A word that is rare these days in the parity driven NFL.

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