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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jerry Jones don't let Cleveland Browns Out Smart You

Alright Jerry, that trade you made last year didn't turn out to be as sweet as you thought it would be.

When you gave up your pick last year for the Browns’ 2nd round pick in 2007 (#36) and their first round pick in 2008. You know you weren't thinking that pick would be #22. So you already lost a little on your investment. Let's try and get as much as we can for it.

If you can't get the value you expected in draft selection, let's get that value in life lessons. Look at the Browns. They have the guy they took with that pick they got from you last year, Brady Quinn. They also stumbled on a gem in Derek Anderson, but they have the good sense to keep both, this is the NFL you know.

Do you really want to let Marion Barber and a few draft picks out the door to Miami to get the #1 pick for one guy. Don't let that Razorback alumni blood of yours get so hot you can't think clearly. Let's look at the success rate of the two major trades for big time running backs.

The Saints traded away every pick they had in one year in order to get Ricky Williams, but hey at least they got a Superbowl out of it. Oh wait nope they never really got a return on thier investment.

You might actually remember the other trade considering you sent away Herschell Walker and in turn got several Superbowl rings, errr I mean you got several picks and players. Some of those picks shored up your defense but the key pick got you Emmit Smith. The Vikings on the other hand have yet to celebrate a Superbowl.

Don't let the Cleveland Browns pull smarter offseason moves than the Cowboys

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