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Thursday, February 7, 2008

McNamee Evidence: Chain of custody?? How bout that Miller light can

Brian McNamee's attorneys showed pictures of evidence today. I mean there were some questions on chain of custody. I guess we have those answered.

Apparently what happened was, Clemens had put his needles in a crushed Miller Light can. Then that was placed in a trash can. Apparently McNamee went digging through his friends trash to collect them. Some of the other items that were photographed, Clemens had on him as he was a bout to fly to Houston. He then gave them to McNamee to dispose of.

Sounds totally reasonable, I got through my friends trash all the time. I also frequently take a hold of their drug paraphanelia in the event they forget to empty there pockets of syringes before they take a flight. I know they usually want me to dispose of it but I like to keep it. You know, I am sentimental that way.

When McNamee's attorneys were questioned as to why he hadn't turned this evidence over in the begining stages of the Mitchell investigation, they responded by saying that McNamee had made some "Omissions". Omissions that were necessary in order to keep from "burying Roger Clemens". Everytime I hear something from McNamee and his camp he sounds less credible. Also this pretty much invalidates the claims of Senator Mitchell that we should believe McNamee because he was testifying to stay out of jail. Really if I was trying to stay out of jail I wouldn't be sweating how much damage I did to Roger Clemens' public image.

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