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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brian McNamee Creepily Psychotic or Psychoticly Creepy

Roger Clemens former Trainer Brian McNamee has apparently turned over physical evidence to the justice department. (ESPN)

Apparently he has turned over needles, syringes, and gauze pads. He believes these items will contain traces of both Clemens DNA and Steroids. Through DNA testing they may be able to trace these items to Clemens. So what will happen, do the needles have DNA? Is it Clemens DNA? What about the Chain of Custody? Look I am not doctor or a lawyer. I do have some questions of my own.

Hey McNamee, Captian Creepy.

  • This all happened around 2000. You are telling me you hung on to this nasty used medical equipment for almost a decade. Why? Becuase you were worried about proving it I am sure. So then first 3 years pass and then 5 years pass, you don't think to start cleaning house a little.

  • You happen to have Clemens equipment? If it really is Clemens' this leaves only two possibilities, the very unlikely possibilty that you happened to hang on to the gear of the one guy you would call out and then have refute your claim. OR you have rooms and rooms full of different gear for all the guys you have injected. Since I am not buiying the first one I am disturbed by the warehouse o' bloody gauze you must have stashed.

  • This one isn't just for McNamee it's for congress and baseball, and Balco if they want some. I am TIRED of this. Stop letting the next domino fall. If Roger had that taped conversation(Which was useless) why did it take a week to air it, if Mcnamee had evidence why are we hearing about it now. Get it out and get it over with, and let me get on with my fanhood

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