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Monday, January 14, 2008

Houston Texans Offseason

Houston Texans – I have a huge issue with people who are so quick to spout their
opinion, especially a negative opinion. Then when it turns out they are wrong, they are never around to man up about it. I am not that guy. I was a vocal critic of the Mario Williams draft choice. I was wrong. Very, Very, wrong. Reggie Bush isn’t what he was in college(I am an SC fan that is as close as I am getting to saying he’s a bust) Vince Young is decent, and he is a better passer than most people are giving him credit for. Those two aside Mario Williams was the right pick.
The Texans suffered a series of injuries through out the year. No one ever wants to go through all the trouble that Houston did but there is an upside. Between Sage Rosenfels and Matt Schaub along with Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, and Darius Walker, they have found reliable back ups to go along with their starters. The only potential problem facing Gary Kubiak is that with any kind of difficulty on Matt Schaub’s part a QB controversy could arise. Not the worst problem to have. At WR they have Super receiver Andre Johnson who injury got as well. He was replaced nicely by Andre Davis who turned in excellent work as a return man as well towards the end of the season. I do think they responded well to those injuries this year and you can’t help but acknowledge the job Gary Kubiak did with this team.
With the Mario Williams anchored front line their defense has shown very well this year. The injury bug did get them on this side of the ball as well, hitting Dunta Robinson mid season. There secondary still held their own through out the year.
With their skill positions and their defense looking like all they need is to stay off the trainers table. Their real gaping hole is at the left tackle position. They should look at Ryan Clady (OT-Boise St.) who should drop this far and should be their first choice.
With that hole sealed up and consistent QB play the only thing left will be dodging a bullet on the injury front. If that happens the future for this team looks great. They are my sleeper for 2008.

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