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Monday, January 14, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Offseason

Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have not had a prolific receiver since losing Moss. In addition to their obvious needs at WR they need to shore up their secondary. The Vikings had the best rush defense in the league but even with that forcing the opposing quarterback to throw they managed to be the dead last passing offense. This is a very shallow draft for wide receivers. Malcolm Kelly and Desean Jackson are the only ones that I see as first round worthy. Kelly may be gone by the time the Vikings make their pick, however I think Jackson could still be available at this point. I also think that Jackson will actually end up being the best receiver in this class. If both of them are gone by this point, I think they should look at getting trading down to get Aqib Talib or Leodis Mckelvin towards the end of the draft as well as getting a possible third round pick. The possibility exists that Mike Jenkins of South Florida would be available at this point but I think it is very risky taking a guy who didn’t really play a lot of big time competition in the first round. I can’t let the draft pass without thinking of the past. Mike Lynn definitely hurt the team with the Herschel Walker deal, which I like to refer to as the original Ricky Williams deal. I also think of the good years the Randy Moss at #21. As I looked back I came across Korey Stringers name. Just a nod to the man and his family.

Outside Shot
Malik Rose pretty much made my week.
When asked about Isiah Thomas saying "the Knicks are not that far from a championship"
Malik dropped tthese gems
"We don’t have what it would take to win a championship." - Thanks Captain Obvious
"There are things in San Antonio that are different than in New York" - Really are you the only thing that isn't different??
"We have some weird personalities on this team" - That one has to be the understatement of the

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