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Monday, January 21, 2008

Norm Benedict Arnold Chow

Traitor, scum, snake in the grass.

Ok maybe that is a little much, but Norm Chow I have been at your defense early and often. I have even taken a proactive offensive on your behalf. I think you are one of the greatest offensive minds in college football (let's be honest that whole pro thing didn't really work as well)

So you left USC, and went to the Nfl. Good luckI said, I would never begrudge you the opportunity to advance your self and your career. Now however, you got fired from the Titans job and where do you turn. Across town. To the Powder Blue. Tell me Chris Mortensen of ESPN's article is just a rumor. Tell me it is no stronger a possibilty than that of UCLA winning the Pac-10 this year. Just say it ain't so.

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