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Monday, January 21, 2008

Skip Bayless should be a man

Skip Bayless, who is one of the talking heads on ESPN, is killing me. A few weeks ago Bayless said that Tom Coughlin made "the dumbest coaching decision" ever. He was referring to the decision to play all his players in a "meaningless" final regular season game.
This morning when the clip was played back so he could acknowledge the mistake. What does Bayless, Captain "I am never wrong" do. Bangs his hand on the table and continues to refer to the move as "the dumbest coaching decision" ever.
How can you continue to say it was a bad move. I don't think anyone actually believes at this point, that without the momentum and confidence(especially Eli's confidence) they would be where thay are.
Be a man admit you were wrong. It is so simple. I would have so much more respect for him and his opinion down the road if he would admit that he is wrong.
I would also have more respect for him if he didn't use more hair product then Jimmy Johnson but that is another rant

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