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Monday, January 21, 2008

NFC Championship Recap

Could we ask for a better Sunday. I mean, we had two great games when we all expected one. With all the back and forth in the score, not to mention Eli's budding (possibly fully in bloom) leadership ability.
Basically the only thing that didn't deliver was Lawrence Tynes. I loved how he was popping off about how confident he was and how Coach Tom Coughlin "would have had to pull me off the field" listen mister two big choke jobs, I wouldn't have been surprised to see him go all Old ball coach on ya and just remove the kicker from the game plan. You were one overtime hook in, from being the newest member of the Scott Norwood support group.
I really hope that wasn't the last we see of Favre. Keep an eye out for my open letter to Brett Favre

Fan sign of the week - A man and a woman wearing Romo and Jessica Simpson masks, holding a giant(sorry packer fans)large sign that read "Jessica and Tony welcome you to Cabo San Lambeau"

True Fans(and raving lunatics) - This is an old pic but these girls were rocking basically this same gear at the championship game where it was -2 with -23 wind chill

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