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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

Can anyone give me a reason the New York Knicks shouldn't hire Colengelo(Fanhouse)

Another installment of "A million good ideas never get produced but some moron found a market for this?"(Nerd Approved)

I am not sure if I recommend this or not. It's educational. In the way poking yourself with a sharp stick will educate you about pain. (LifeHacker)

If this is your identity, you really shouldn't be so worried about protecting it(Yahoo)

Honestly if you are going to get married at a burger joint could you at least spring for In-N-Out(Yahoo)

Pimping my 4-Year olds ride(Nerd Approved)

How do you spice up Mixed Martial Arts, mix in a little Mark Cuban(

Behind the scenes photos from SI's swimsuit shoot(Deadspin)

Fake wrestling provides fake ghosts(TheBigLead)

JA Adande hypes the second half of the NBA. and this year I actually buy it(ESPN)

NFL to pay Saints for lost Home Game. Today, just for a little while I think Roger Goodell might be human(Fanhouse)

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