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Monday, February 18, 2008

LSU QB Ryan Perilloux Suspended, Keep Your Pants On Big-10errr11 Fans

So ESPN is reporting that LSU head coach Les Miles has suspended QB Ryan Perrilloux. The suspension comes down because Perrilloux violated team rules. What does that mean, we have no idea at this point. It'll come out because it always does, but I have no idea, at this point.

Settle down Big-10errrr11 fans. One, it doesn't really matter. The SEC isn't better than the Big-11, because of LSU or another team in their conference. The SEC's dominance stems a lot more from how bad the Big-11 is than from how good the SEC is. (Before I get a million comments from SEC fans freaking out. I know your are an above average conference, My point here is just how bad the Big-11 is). Two, that suspension is going to be about as effective as when coaches do the whole "I am not going to start so-and-so" as some form of punishment. Then they put the guy in in the middle of the first drive.

The LSU Tigers have suspended him, but they threw in the magic word in college sports, indefinitely. See when the NFL suspended Micahel Vick and Pacman Jones indefinitely. They meant until hell freezes over. But when a team like LSU uses that magic word. It means until I see how your backup does and possibly not even that long if Miles already knows those two aren't ready.

Right now the backups are junior Andrew Hatch, who began his career at Harvard, and redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee. Now I am not the SEC's biggest fan, but I am willing to admit. No one from the Ivy League is about to step in and take the reigns of the National Champion and guide them through the SEC. I do think Jarrett Lee will be ready someday. Someday is Latin for NOT TODAY BUDDY.


Anonymous said...

You're a douche. Your rationalization on how the SEC isn't better than the Big 11 (WTF?) but rather the Big 11 sucking so bad... is the same as "... the glass is half empty or half full." Any way you look at it, the SEC has been beating the crap out of the Big 10 for several years now... go back and look at the stats, nerd. Lets see... if a team repeatedly beats your ass then that must mean we didn't play very well so we'll just call that luck. WHAT the F____ EVER creme puff!!! You have been SERVED!!! AGAIN!!! ... and AGAIN this year....

All the Big 10 has going for it each year is the CHANCE that OSU or Michigan will have a good season and maybe make it to the big game (becuase they don't play a conference championship, weak, and they are sooo againsta playoff because of the clout the Big 10 carries over from the OLD DAYS. It certainly isn't because of the way they have played the last 5 years!! A conference is bigger than 1-2 teams and the SEC is stacked with talent and speed... and yes we are faster in the south. Did you even watch the past two NC games?

Another Big 10 douche bag.

Ron Dean said...

I would have let the douche thing go. I mean I am all for name calling. But you calling me a Big 10 fan is below the belt.

I am a Pac-10 fan which conveniently has 10 teams unlike the Big-10 that has 11.(Man the jokes lose punch when I have to explain them to you)

As far as thinking the Big-10 is good. I don't. OSU and Michigan are Hawaii to me. If they go undefeated it is because they play ridiculously weak schedules out of conference not to mention the weakness of the conference they play in.

As far as why I don't think SEC is as good as SEC fans think. You sit here and say how bad the Big-10 is you have already made my argument for me. If they are as bad as we have both said (and they are) then tell me how those National Championships are worth so much to you.